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Cfinput not validating

I cured the problem by ending the value form element with an "_1" and the message form element with a "_2" just so that it was easy to process the forms with the message for each one.This is for a j Query validation generator that i'm working on that allows you to go through a gui to build your validation and to override the built in validation. I've been debugging a related error for about two hours now.This is about the most useless Cold Fusion error ever! They don't even give me a template or a line number or even what FORM value they might be talking about.I started commenting out all the code I had just put in until I narrowed it down to this code: Ahhh, then it hit me. This form field ends with the word "Time." This has to be one of Cold Fusion's worst features every brought / kept into existence; because this form field ends with "time," Cold Fusion will try to validate the form field "usage_cap" as being a valid time [email protected], That list on the Live Docs is pretty big.They really just need to get rid of this feature altogether or just use the _cfformurl style notation that won't be confused with other valid field names.It's not just the "time" I had fields ending in "date","creditcard", "digits", etc...and each one of those had the same thing trailed by a "_msg".

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I added your code to my cfinput, but it is not working, so I'm wondering what I did wrong.Either way, i know if i see this sucker come up again that it has to do with the naming convention. It was especially odd in that I had two fields, START_NOTICE and START_NOTICE_TIME. Well, for some strange reason, my field START_NOTICE starts taking on the value of "0" and spitting out "1899-12-30" in the FORM scope!After reading this post, I changed the name of START_NOTICE_TIME to START_NOTICETIME and it just all worked!I seem to hit these related validation issues once a year, this was probably the quickest I resolved it thanks to this post....I was wondering why they had named one variable in a different format than the other 200 .context=Cold Fusion_Documentation&file=00001385So this isn't the only place having a blast with this error.Maybe the new Adobe purchase of the good stuff as well as the bad stuff *cough*coldfusion*cough* will allow them to make it better, ha, ha ha, that's funny.It was suggested that they don't even have a list of them.I dug around for a while and found these urls... Fusions-Serverside-Form-ValidationI haven't seen anyone actually use the convention validation, I have seen folks spend a lot of time trying to diagnose the resulting, and unintentional, error.Put it in the same bucket as Yes and _required and _numeric have caught me in the past when just using the names that someone else used for data in the database!! Now I warn all students who attend my calsses so that hopefully it won't get them too.


  1. I added your code to my cfinput, but it is not working, so I'm wondering what I did wrong. Forgive the length, but my cfinput looks like cfinput.

  2. Nov 25, 2012. Just to be very clear, I am not abandoning ColdFusion, a technology I have. A perfect example of this is form field validation via cfinput.

  3. Jul 10, 2018. input type="button" elements have no default behavior their cousins. Buttons don't participate in constraint validation; they have no real.

  4. Jan 17, 2013. The offer does not extend to the guys at work who I've already. rest of the client-side validation cfinput offers, I'd not use it it's a bit shonky.

  5. Aug 31, 2011. A user on Twitter @sean010101, or Sean21 to his friends, asked about using cfinput to validate that a value does not collide with entries in the.

  6. Jun 12, 2007. Does anyone even use this ColdFusion validation style? How do you. for an INPUT tag. I thought it only matters if you use CFINPUT / CFFORM. validation. Nobody likes it; I am not sure why it is even still part of ColdFusion.

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