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Cant connect to network validating identity

Debt settlement letters with original creditors and debt collectors are typically a standard form that will consist of the following: The letter will have other general information, such as disclosures about settling debt.

Creditors and collectors put this information in to cover themselves.

They will request that you give them specific electronic or ACH payment information over the phone first. This way, you know what to expect beforehand, or can navigate the negotiation and settlement process of a specific account with more confidence.

Schedule your first (or only) payment for a future day that gives enough time for the settlement letter to reach you by mail. Providing information and setting payment dates in advance of having received a settlement letter is usually only an option I consider when dealing with original creditors, and in some limited instances, debt collectors working for your original creditor.

The verbal agreement will be for a set amount of money either paid all at once, or paid by making several installments over a set period of time, until the settlement agreement is met.

It’s important that you understand the deal is not done until it is documented and fully funded, consistent with the terms and payment timelines laid out in a debt settlement letter.

Your targeted settlement amounts will be different from one account to the next.

If you’re working with someone in the network, you’ll be able to set realistic settlement percentage targets, timelines, and goals using real-time data about your creditors and the debt collectors involved.

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I always encourage you to tell the debt collector that you are recording the call and why (they refuse to send you the agreement in writing before payment is set up).It makes little sense to start negotiating a settlement amount if you don’t have the money to pay.Just making calls to “feel out the situation” wastes everyone’s time and could hurt your efforts later.Ongoing communications over the phone with your original creditors and debt collectors can progress until you have the money you need to settle.You should not attempt to negotiate an account, or offer a settlement amount, until you have the targeted dollar amount you need to fund an agreement.The bulleted items above are what you want to see in a settlement letter to cover yourself.Settling with a third-party debt collector means you must get the above details documented before remitting any payment towards the agreement.This would give you a 10 digit fax number that others can send documents to, and you can receive the faxed documents as attachments to an email, or receive an email notice a fax has been sent to you to log in and download, or print.One of the services I recommend to receiving debt settlement letters via fax is e Reaching a settlement agreement can take one phone call, or it may take several calls over a period of days, weeks, or even months.When a deal is struck, you know that no deal is a real deal until it is documented, and then paid in accordance with the agreement.


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