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Candidating for ministry

Most men retain their current ministry position while seeking another ministry position.It is important that their availability for a change in ministry be known only to the search committee and that this knowledge be held in strict confidence by each committee member.Should the church pursue the man as an official candidate, the church should carry out the process according to its constitution.The candidate should visit the church for several days and get to know the church leaders, the people, and the operation. The church leadership and/or congregation should interview the candidate and most likely will want to ask him about the following areas: his salvation and call to the ministry; his theological position on a variety of key doctrinal issues; his stand on ecclesiastical and personal separation, translations, divorce, baptism, and lifestyle standards; church government and his leadership style; his attitude toward evangelism and missions; and his attitude about Christian education.The ministry position posting will automatically become inactive after 180 days unless you choose for it to remain active.

You may want to request a brief doctrinal statement and perhaps a sermon recording.Some of the men may contact you if they are genuinely interested in pursuing your opportunity. You may want to send a questionnaire to a prospective candidate who is under serious consid­eration.It can be very time-consuming for every man to complete a lengthy questionnaire as a routine matter, however, so we advise churches to send them only to a very few serious prospects.If you have a particular need to have this information withheld, please contact Church Staffing Services for assistance.We ask you to use the men’s resumes, personal portfolios, and other information with care and confidentiality.Specific instructions will be included in the email.Important note: If you change your email address, please update your profile so that you will continue to receive these email notifications.You may update your church profile or ministry position posting at any time by logging in and editing the appropriate field.Be sure to click “Submit” or “Save Changes” or your changes will be lost.It will likely be necessary for you to print out various resumes for use by the search committee seeking to fill a position.However, this information should not be shared with the church in general or with others outside your search committee and certainly not with others outside your church.


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  2. Why Should the Interim Pastor Not Be a Candidate for the Permanent Call. and validates the candidate's fitness for ordained ministry. Candidates.

  3. The holder of a ministry license is accountable to a minister ordained to word and sacrament. To qualify for a license, a candidate must demonstrate significant.

  4. If it's been approved, you'll be invited to create a ministry position posting so that. By allowing both parties the church and the prospective candidate to see.

  5. Jul 9, 2004. Most questions can be asked of a candidate applying for any pastoral. List your hobbies and any other areas of interest apart from ministry. 2.

  6. Well. This guide is for you if you are a minister or candidate for authorized ministry, seeking a settled or designated-term pastorate in the United Church of Christ.

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