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Cancer survivors dating network

She dropped 70 pounds and is now a Zumba enthusiast: "I just love it...I miss it when I don't do it." Nancy Passavant, a breast cancer survivor from Newton, Mass., and retired marketing specialist, found something even more novel – dragon boat racing.Muscle strengthening—such as lifting weights, using resistance bands, or practicing yoga—should target the body's major muscle groups, with each movement done until you find it too taxing to do another repetition.Solidifying exercise as a lifetime habit is a challenge.However, the period following treatment is an opportune time, since many cancer survivors are looking for new, empowering "tools" to keep them healthy, says Harriet Berman, Ph D, executive vice president of clinical programs at the Wellness Community-Greater Boston.

"I feel so alive when I'm out on the water," she says.

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I went through life doing what the doctors told me.. I was diagnosed at 11 with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

I had my first stroke when I was I lost the feeling as well as the use of my entire right side. I decided to wait to date until the kids were grown and I was able to at least try to maintain a "normal" relationship.. It sure would be nice to make those moments count with someone special though! I was never told that it is or can be a fatal disease..


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