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(by the way, I reported the site OP linked to as cp. He is awful cozy with Isaac Hempstead Wright but I am pretty sure both boys are painfully str8.I'll let the feds sort it out...provided they actually do anything.)R36, neither did I but since the guy looked like 14 in Go T I'm sure he doesn't look much older in the wank vid. Wright may be dating the girl who previously played Myrcella and he and Chapman seem to be a duo act of geek lad.[quote]He is awful cozy with Isaac Hempstead Wright but I am pretty sure both boys are painfully str8.Isaac has/had a girlfriend and his fangirls flipped because he posted a picture of them kissing.Why this Buddy Holly looking kid has fangirls I don't know.Jer and he did the XY together, though I doubt Jer was forced exactly.But he's mixed business and pleasure with Podwall, if the Coltonettes are correct in their conclusions. Gave a speech at his university about it in which he called the heteronorm out. I was going to say, I'm straight, but I thought [do you have a girlfriend? No, I don't have a boyfriend, thanks for asking."Pity because he is so hot and smart IRL.

It seems to be a pattern and I imagine it can get very messy. You said you haven't heard how big his dick is but then right after you said you heard it was above average. Cousin had decent girth and looked like he'd be up for a lot of fun things. Though given he's British that means there's a 50% chance this comes with premature balding. God it looked like he really didn't want to be there. I have a feeling that the cousin was on Omegle, found this hot "girl" (in quotes because for those unaware it was a guy using a fake webcam feed of a girl) and then basically pimped Dean out to get her to show off (show me your pussy and you can talk to Tommen kind of thing).

When I have to give it a thought I realize just how not for me it is, they are just kids. Someone claiming to be his friend commented on the now deleted reddit thread about this, asking people to stop posting the video and talking about it. In the video he is actually pulling away from his cousin when he gets too close.

I mean my nephew, who's 14, looks older than this Chapman guy. Dean was very focused on whoever was on the other end of the computer.

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