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When the Berlin Wall fell and Russia released the S. R.’s, including Armenia, to become independent nations, I looked forward to years of peaceful coexistence and reasonably priced vodka.

When Vlad Putin replaced the vaporous Boris Yeltsin, I decided not to be too worried about his KGB background. Threats to the Baltic countries and Ukraine about supposed insecurity of Russian populations there? It’s not as if we have different economic systems any more, give or take a few oligarchs with a lot of gold watches.

Perhaps the instability of Donald Trump is helping to keep these two in the limelight, and the bashers are trying to fend off impeachment via election nostalgia.

The giveaway to what’s more likely happening, however, is their neighbor in the demonization pillory, a billionaire investor called George Soros.

True, I never succeeded in becoming a credible speaker, but I can find my way around.

Some classics of Russian literature came my way — in English — and I rather got into the atmosphere of the slavophile world.

The clip-off of Crimea — tawdry, even though the inhabitants were mostly Russians — the indigenous Tatar minority didn’t want you.No qualms about defending a nerve-gassing war criminal; no international moralist is going to erode our military status. The 2006 ban on Georgian and Moldovan wine imports — now you’re just being a jerk, even if a couple of brands were fake wine.The attempt to ban public coming-out and LGBT association? ‘Of course you know,’ says the little grey rabbit, ‘this means war.’ But a war of cleverness, not fisticuffs. I’m here to talk about American politics, especially as it’s seen on the internet.But there’s no particular reason to think that this tweeter was really a Texan, or an American.All we know was that the person could write in English and keep up with American cultural memes.And that they were comfy with a Middle Eastern dictator who killed dissidents, gassed rebels, and liked Russian naval vessels as beach equipment.If Assad is on the list of people to pump up, who’s on the list of people to smack down? The election she ran in is long over, and she’s mostly been walking her dog since then, as far as we know from news coverage.On 18 August 2011, Barack Obama issued a written statement that urged Assad to ‘step aside.’” Since open warfare between the US and Russia would probably plunge us to a millisecond from doomsday, most of the Putin pushback has been limited to information war.The battlefront in this war that first came to my attention was labelled #Pizzagate.This article was written by Bernie Najarian with assistance from Kamil Beylant, Artémie Khazdjian and friends who remain nameless.I reproduce it entirely and with minor adjustments, illustrated with additional images and/or screenshots, in this blog with permission.


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