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A custody battle ensued with lots of finger pointing and even more rumors. The news broke in July, 2010, after Bristol had moved out of her parents' Wasilla, Alaska, home and into a condominium in Anchorage.

Soon Bristol Palin had signed on to promote abstinence to teenagers, prompting Levi to call her a hypocrite. Just three weeks after the announcement, Bristol and Levi broke up .

A media frenzy ensued where everything about Sarah Palin was dragged into the spotlight, including her five children.

Mc Cain's campaign team was fearful from the beginning that Sarah's pregnant daughter, Bristol, would be a liability, but the Republican nominee decided to go with Sarah anyway. Almost as quickly as news agencies jumped on the pregnant daughter story, it was confirmed through official statements that Bristol was indeed pregnant and that she was engaged to the baby's father, Levi Johnston. If Sarah was a Republican wet dream, Levi was the nightmare.

It was the kind of thing you would think would be set to private The public got its first glimpse of Levi at the Republican National Convention where he showed up to dutifully hold hands with Bristol while his would-be mother-in-law made her big national debut.

Levi and Bristol had both been made over (thanks to Nieman Marcus most likely), and they looked the happy young couple with matching engagement tattoos on their wedding fingers.

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Sarah Palin's daughter shared a slew of gender reveal photos, captioning the set: "has found certain rules in the royal household difficult to understand." Like what?

Bristol Palin also took to Instagram to congratulate her 23-year-old sis and her future brother-in-law.

Related: Bristol Called Elton John, Aretha Franklin, & More 'Sissies' For Skipping Trump's Inauguration While it was already telling that the two no longer followed one another on Instagram, the news has been confirmed by that Dakota has filed paperwork for divorce. [, Britta was granted a 20-day short-term order days after Sarah Palin's son was arrested for burglary and assault after beating his own father over a truck dispute.

Of course, this still may not be the end of Bristol and Dakota's story; the couple famously broke up in 2015 for several months just before they were supposed to be married. Britta, who shares 6-year-old daughter Kyla with Track, has a hearing scheduled for a long-term restraining order within the 20-day time frame.

They even spoke to the press about how keeping the baby and getting married was all their decision. Mc Cain lost the election, and while not everyone blamed Sarah Palin, a lot of people did.

And while the nation was still celebrating the election of Barack Obama, Bristol quietly gave birth to Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston on December 27, 2008. Bristol and Levi lasted about three months after that and ended their engagement in March, 2009. It came as a total shock when Bristol confirmed that after spending time together with their son Tripp, she and Levi had decided to get married after all.


  1. May 23, 2018. It appears Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer have rekindled their relationship! As we told you earlier this year, it was reported the two were.

  2. Aug 31, 2010. Bristol Palin Videos Bristol Palin's "Dancing" JittersLevi Johnston. After all Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is going to be on the show with her.

  3. Feb 14, 2018. Sarah Palin's daughter married in 2016. the couple briefly separated and postponed their original wedding date, which had been set for May.

  4. Jul 15, 2010. As Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston reunite, Shushannah Walshe. he acknowledges that Bristol and Levi did begin dating anew about. Barber said Track was “disappointed and didn't approve of the situation”—so much so.

  5. Feb 13, 2018. 2/14 -- We've learned Meyer filed for divorce from Palin on January 29 in Texas. He filed using only the couple's initials. Bristol Palin and.

  6. Video shows a young black man who fathered Bristol Palin's child. dated, became “intimate,” and conceived a child together, but now the Palin family. “Alaska Principal Bristol Palin's Situation Will Be a Learning Opportunity for Teens.”

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