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Bridie carter and myles pollard dating Free adult site ireland

Myles Pollard (Nick) returned for two episodes to wrap up his character's story line.

This is the last season to feature Pollard and Carter, as Bridie Carter leaves the series early in the season with Pollard's character.

Marshall Napier (Harry) and Inge Hornstra (Sandra) appear for their last season on the series as Napier's character, Harry, dies and Hornstra's character, Sandra, causes his death.

Daniel Feuerriegel (Leo) and Basia A'Hern (Rose) also return from the previous season in recurring roles and a story line together.

Stevie tries to compensate for not having Alex by hooking up with a younger guy, Leo.

Leo takes a liking to Stevie, but Stevie takes it as a one-night stand and rejects his continuous gestures.

And, Sandra is threatened by Fiona's arrival on Killarney.

Zoe Naylor returns as a main cast member as Regan Mc Leod after being a recurring character in the previous season.

Doris Younane has a more recurring role as Moira Doyle.

Leo does not take Stevie's rejection well and seeks revenge by spraying on Drover's land, which threatens Drover's organic status and breaks Tess' heart.

Meanwhile, Rob learns of his father's death and it brings him close to Jodi, with him revealing his secret to her.


  1. June 2018. Bridie Carter and Myles Pollard photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.

  2. Bridie Carter born 18 December 1970 is an Australian actress best known for her role as the main character of Tess Silverman McLeod on the television drama series McLeod's Daughters.

  3. Skatīties video · Included are Lisa Chappell, Bridie Carter, Brett Tucker and Myles Pollard;. Aaron started dating his McLeod's Daughters co-star, Zoe Naylor.

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