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Bpd women dating married man

She will seduce him, manipulate him, and threaten him — all because of a deep-seated sense of emptiness and craving for control. She is terrified to be alone, and eventually the object of her desire begins to feel that, instead of being in relationship with her, he has become her emotional hostage.

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He who succumbs to such a woman’s manipulative ways may soon realize that something is terribly wrong, yet he doesn’t know how to extricate himself from her snare – or better yet, how to avoid her on day one.It has been said that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” and the reality of this can become all too apparent to a man under certain conditions.Typically, she brings out the worst in a man, not the best.The alcohol made it ultra-easy for them to share far too much about each other in a first-chance meeting.Their instant passion turned volatile, and ultimately the relationship propelled itself to a tragic end when the woman killed herself.More men are no doubt waiting in the wings for their turn.As a psychotherapist in practice for nearly forty years, I have worked first-hand with men whose “dangerous relationship” stories I have come to know intimately.Mike had to face how his own neediness and narcissism blinded him to the allure of a borderline personality disorder suffered by his femme fatale.Mike, of course, was badly shaken by the tragic outcome of this perilous relationship. He decided to take a break from dating until he figured out why he’d allowed himself to get caught up in this relationship, and learned how to spot – and heed — the red flags so it wouldn’t happen again.While not all such liaisons end in physical violence, many do end with the “outing” of the relationship, which may derail the man’s career, destroy his family and bring him to his knees in a painfully destructive way.Sometimes the man recovers; sometimes the consequences for him last a lifetime.


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