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Boundaries in dating making dating work pdf

He was the CFO of their company, a software start-up with about 75 employees. They were at a conference, with industry contacts all around, using their corporate expense accounts. They’d only gotten to know each other in the past couple of months, after she’d been asked to present at a few investor conferences, repurposing the spiel she’d successfully given to so many customers. She reported to the head of sales, who reported to the COO, and she and Brad rarely interacted at work.They managed to keep the fledgling relationship secret for three weeks.

“Er, I think he said he had some sort of last-minute meeting, er, out of the office.” His stammering made Elizabeth wonder.

By Monday morning, it seemed like everyone in the office knew.

There were whispers from some of the younger women and what felt like relentless, albeit good-natured, teasing from the guys on the sales team.

He’d promised they would do dinner after work this Thursday, which is why she’d initially declined Ada’s invitation.

But when she finished her last call for the evening and stopped by his office, she found it empty. ” she asked one of the CPAs who happened to be passing by.


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