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Bored dating

Bored with interview questions, hostility and fearful confusion. Bored with blameless women victimized by loser men.Bored to look at one ad after the next and see nothing but lists of qualities, descriptions of the perfect relationship, and warnings not to bother if.You tell someone you have trouble with something & they figure you always have the same level of difficulty with it.Makes me not want to bother.i get bored with the process because more often then not i find myself giving more than im getting and i find myself not wanting to be bothered and im also tired of trying to get some females attetion. They are of few types and mostly all the same, none of which even resembles fun.

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I just wish it didn't come at such a high cost of disappointment after realizing that the person you're with is just not on the same page. Or are we all just taking a break getting ready to charge back into battle? Let's face it, the alternative is shutting out everyone and being alone.

I know that I am happy, but that I would like to meet a man that is my companion. You'll find out.peace`````````````` Kimbo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For me it's a combination of boredom and routine. ), and work 50 hours (including a little commute time if you only work 40), that leaves 55 hours that you may have to potentially spend with a significant other, awake and looking at her. All that being said, I think a real match is worth it.

A relationshop where he and I can be in the same room for hours on end reading novels, and not have to talk but know what each other is thinking. Dating has become a chore for me which is part of the reason I'm not currently looking to date. When I am not in a relationship I don't miss sex the most, I miss the hugs, kisses, holding hands and light touches the most.

Each new man brings me a special blessing, introducing me to a new interest.

One likes Nascar, another has a Harley, the other is into shooting pool, another into baseball.


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