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Seth, it is said, engraved the knowledge of his father on two columns, one of brick, and the other of stone, Josephus says, was still to be seen, in his day, in the Siridiac land.In the works of Manetho, who lived three hundred years before him, the same column is spoken of, as existing in the same land: and Manetho declares that he had seen it; but he says that it was engraved by the first Thoth (Hermes), in the sacred language and in hieroglyphs; and that after the deluge, the Son of the Second Thoth translated the inscription into the language of the Priests and wrote it in sacerdotal characters.(sadly though it continues) These precious memorials of betters days were destroyed by order of the Devas (sons of God), but not until scribes of our family (connection to Japheth) had copied some portions of the writing." According to Josephus in his book Jewish antiquities (loeb classical library pg.

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To him they ascribed the reformation of the Egyptian year; and there were many books either written by him or concerning him, which were preserved by the Egyptians in the most sacred recesses of their Temples.

Could it be that fragments of these other details were passed down through the ages by the early ancestors and then the Book of Enoch was born?

Originally posted by lostinspace Many have thought that Moses originally wrote the the creation account and the history of the pre-Flood world but it these two portions in the early chapters of Genesis prove otherwise.

Considering it was 1600 years from Adam to the great deluge, there would be a great deal of detail to be recorded, just look at our time.

A few significant discoveries were mentioned in the account of the generations of Adam: farming livestock, musical arts, forging of metal tools, and poetry.


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