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The discovery of this new concept sent me into flurry of Google searches regarding the breast pump bondage.Hucow is a word that was synthesized by combining the words human and cow.I immediately became smitten with Katie, she was a baby faced blonde with a curvy figure and she was neck deep in the hucow life. Once lactation had been induced on Katie the milking began.

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This is when the hucows partner (the Bull) mounts her and begins to savagely thrust his erect cock into her gushing pussy, swimming in her warm juices.

With the machine being attached to Katie's nipples for hours she described how her nipples were becoming elongated - all the better for suckling like a perverse piglet.

Apparently Katie's tits were becoming engorged with the nectar of life on her off hours, so not only was her milking erotic but it also gave her a sensation of relief.

As Katie and her Bull dive deeper into the primeval urges of the hucow life they add twists to their bestial fucking.

As Katie is hooked up to her slave collar and her nipples are being sucked dry the Bull teases her juicy pussy before plunging his cock into her.


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