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Blocked from updating windows

On NVIDIA Ge Force 6100/6150/6200 Turbo Cache cards, we block Direct3D 9 accelerated layers, see bug 612007, bug 644787, bug 645872.On Optimus devices, ANGLE rendering for Web GL is blocked (bug 636870).Notice that 257.21 is the commercial version number.This corresponds to the last 5 digits in the technical version number, which for instance is 8. on Windows 7/Vista.Layers acceleration is blocked on Windows versions older than Windows XP.

This was required primarily by various crashes on virtual machines with unusual vendor names (bug 621411). Windows 2003 is identified as Windows XP for the present purposes.See bug 636611 For layers acceleration, we require Mac OS version 10.6.3 or newer. One exception is acceleration, which is enabled on all Mac OS versions.For layers acceleration, we also block all old graphics adapters that do not fully support Open GL 2.1 in hardware (use slow software fallbacks), or that can't render to non-power-of-two texture-backed framebuffers.On Windows Vista and Windows 7, to force-enable Direct2D Content Acceleration, go to about:config and set gfx.direct2d.force-enabled=true.On Android, to force-enable Stage Fright software decoding, go to about:config and set stagefright.force-enabled=true.So Web GL should still work, but will use the Open GL driver.We require AMD driver version 10.6 (June 2010) or newer on Windows up to 7, see bug 623338. The actual check is performed on the technical version number, and we require it to be at least 8.741.0.0.We require AMD driver version greater than 12.11 beta (November 2012) on Windows 8, see bug 806991.Notice that 12.11 beta is the commercial version number.To force-enable Web GL anti-aliasing, go to about:config and set webgl.msaa-force=true.To force-enable Layers Acceleration, go to about:config and set layers.acceleration.force-enabled=true.


  1. Your security settings will continue to block potentially harmful ActiveX controls and scripting from other sites but you will be able to. //*.update.microsoft.com;

  2. Access Protection rule prevents Windows Service Pack or Windows Update installation. Select Prevent Windows Process spoofing and deselect the Block

  3. Windows update blocked by virus. bigbeta Aug 5. I never thought re-installing Windows was the easier thing to do, but sometimes is

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