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Blind guy dating movie wiki

The most alarming thing that Temple discovered was that the man's eyes did not react to light, meaning that he had been blinded.

When the thug woke, Temple, with her face covered by a mask, watched as "Mike" interrogated the thug for the whereabouts of the missing boy.Fearing jail time if the man died, Temple demanded that the man convince her that she needed to help him by revealing what happened; he told her that he was trying to save a boy who was kidnapped by the Ranskahov brothers and used as bait to get him killed and he barely escaped without saving the boy.When Temple questioned how a blind man could cause so much trouble for the mob, he assured her there were other ways to see.While the Hand was finally defeated by the Defenders' actions, Temple was forced to watch as Daredevil was seemingly killed in their final battle.Claire Temple worked as a night-shift nurse in Metro-General Hospital.Temple believed him and yielded, although she remained confused as to why the man was not reacting to not being able to see, when the man attempted to leave her apartment he collapsed."I really wouldn't try to move too much, you've got two or three broken ribs, probable concussion, some kind of puncture wound and that's just the stuff that I know about, and your eyes, they're unresponsive to light which isn't freaking you the hell out so either you're blind or in way worse shape than I thought." While the man slept, Temple continued to treat his wounds until he awoke on her sofa, confused and disorientated over what had happened and where he was.Temple explained what had happened and the man realized that she had seen his face, much to his horror, Temple told him that his outfit sucked and questioned him over his blindness, which he refused to answer.Temple told him that she did not know anything, but the thug did not believe her; she witnessed the masked man drop a fire extinguisher on his head as he attempted to escape and call for reinforcements.Temple and Mike took the thug up to the roof of the building, although they were spotted by Santino who hid in his apartment after seeing the violence.Developing friendship with Cage, Temple became a valuable ally when he went against two crime lords, Cottonmouth and Diamondback, helping him survive a near fatal wound while also reconnecting with his past before Cage was sent back to jail, with Temple promising to wait for him to get back out.While learning martial arts taught by Colleen Wing, Temple was introduced to Danny Rand.


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