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I feel really disappointed from RIM, they just keep updating the phones like a quarter the speed of their competitors and don't care about their customers, seriously, I have to wait 2-3 minutes to reset the phone? I have had a cell phone for about 6 years now i just got the new storm 2... I have to tap the phone on my hand to get it to work. I am pretty forgiving of issues and hope that they can work this out. Wish I could wait for the Tour2 (trackpad, wifi, ect) Oh well, you can't keep up with the times, as they are a changing! I was a bit hesitant to get the S2 because of the problems with the S1 but I haven't had any regrets. I can type just as fast (if not faster) on the S2 than I could on my Curve and I like the click sound. The design and appearance of the phone is absolutely beautiful, unlike VZs other recent release (which shall remain nameless but you know which one I'm talking about) which is rather fugly. As App World becomes more popular and has more selection, we will need more room for apps. 3.2 MP is in the ballpark, but a lot of new phones are rocking 5.0 MP. I've used this thing so much that the screen is fading.But we are getting the following error while uploading:-"File bundle (Hello_Hello_Spain.bar) has been rejected. If this is an upgrade, Package ID must match Package ID in original file bundle." This error clearly show that our new app product ID does not match with the existing app product ID on app world.but we can not put the same product ID as we have in our existing app.

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For texting- it doesn't pick up on the keys being hit that well and just guesses what you want to type which is annoying. This Blackberry does everything I need it too do and then some. PROS (listed in no particular order): 1.) Fast (applications and switching from portrait to landscape view) 2.) Responsive 3.) Fun to use (and addictive) 4.) Good size and weight (I hate light phones.everwin15 has owned it for less than year before publishing this review It is great phone. A great business tool when fully utilised, this is just all its required nothing more! i've used quite a number of phones and this is just it. I had a Nokia 5800 which is a good phone regardless of its crappy OS, then I changed to the storm 2. The S2 feels solid and good build quality.) 5.) Nice loud, clear speaker (calls, music, ringtones all sound really good) 6.) Camera (excellent quality for a cell phone camera) 7.) Call quality CONS: 1.) Browser is slow (hope to be improved in '10) 2.) Software needs an option/indicator so that it is easier to see the letter you are touching while typing.It works extremely fast, great call quality, user interface. Camera quality is too bad compare to other 3.2 mp camera phone. i got one initially for 5months it got lost and i wasnt myself until i got this one, my old back up made it look like nothing was missing! people complain about the lag, but dont understand that they run many apps at a time because of its multitasking, and before one command is through they have chaged to several screens to run others, the phone smartly stops you from going further, execute your previous commands and allows you to continue. which is not a bad phone, but it doesn't stand a fight with today's generation phones out there. i thought this phone would be hard to use and difficult to understand how to use, but in less than a day the screen was amazingly easyier than an all touch screen and than a plain QWERT keyboard also! Hopefully, RIM keeps working on tweaking the software because this phone is worth keeping around for a long time. I had the Storm for about 2 days before I couldn't stand anymore. I ordered the Storm2 when it was available and I loved it. Well after about 2 weeks of use now I've had dozens of complete freezes and several reboots.I am a Verizon Agent and one thing people need to keep in mind is that Blackberry also just updated the OS. With the OS update Storm 1 runs just as good as Storm 2 just without Wi Fi.I've had a Storm 1 for about a year and as soon as I updated to OS 5 it was like a brand new phone (A storm 2 basically).the e-mail function is flawless and works like a charm. this is the one, it does what it is advertised to do and does it well. Anyways, the storm 2 is so much better then the storm 1. so far i am enjoying the phone and great to be back with the best carrier (Verizon) Hated first Storm. You should give it a try, it is a whole new phone, not just a reworked Storm. Moved to Tour but screen was too small for internet browsing, and no wifi. If wi-fi isn't a huge need and you're not pusing your memory limits, there's certainly no big reason to rush out and grab a Storm2.Upgrade your software first ( it's free ) and experience your new phone.I've even had enough issues with my storm that verizon offered me a new phone.Customer service offered me a number of other phones but said a Storm 2 wouldn't make a difference seeing as they run the same OS.


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