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Her body was racked by a series of powerful orgasm that had her writhing with pleasure underneath the strong protective presence of Aket's body.

Jane's eyes rolled up in her head and she stopped screaming.

Aket stepped forward, grabbed Jane's arms and pulled her nude body against his own.He grunted and pushed her away, towards the bed even as his hand pushed the upper bunk up and away to make more room for him.Jane fell on the bed, reaching down and guiding his rampant cock towards her ready pussy.It felt uncomfortable as her abdomen felt bloated from all the semen trapped inside her. Jane wiggled free of his cock and swung around so that she could sit up on the bed. “Every generation, a child is born with a cock shaped like mine and that child becomes the high priest of Set when the previous one travels to the halls of the dead.Some was leaking out, but his mighty cock was doing a good job plugging her up. Immediately a virtual Victoria Falls of white semen began flowing out of her pussy and pooling on the floor at her feet. But Set decried that his servant would never know the pleasures of the flesh until his hated brother's COCK was found.“But then Osiris is the smaller and weaker brother.” He lifted the COCK from the box and it was glowing green. What gasped in fear at what she saw between his legs even as her pussy began leaking even faster with arousal. ” Aket stood up straight until his penis stuck out even further. The foreskin spread out like a fan around the head and hung down like a cobra's hood or a pharaoh's headdress.“Great Set, I bring you the gift of your brother's COCK, lost for 5000 years.” The green light grew brighter. She half expected to see a tongue flicker out from the rather large urethra.Aket's blast of sperm felt more powerful than any geyser and as hot as lava flowing from the volcano. Her scream was one of awe, her pussy was contracting like mad with each jerk of the huge cock in her.His cock trembled again and a second huge blast of sperm filled her followed by at least a dozen more jets of his seed.She'd experienced interracial sex, most notably with Master Takeda Ueshida, who instructed her in the new martial art of aikido and the Japanese sword fighting technique known as kendo.The Japanese turned everything into an art and Master Takeda had been a master of love making techniques as well.


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  3. Aket lovingly ran one large black hand along the hieroglyphics on the box. “At last,” he cried, eyes wide and glowing maniacally. He opened the box.

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