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They turned twice to domestic surrogates after struggling and failing to conceive on their own.Both attempts were unsuccessful, and left them unimpressed with the impersonal nature of in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment in China.Agents said that clients believe these taller, biracial children will be smarter and better looking.Chinese clients also often request boys, a consequence of a cultural preference for boy children.Seeking surrogacy overseas is not in itself illegal, and Chinese surrogacy agency websites, often adorned with pictures of chubby infants, highlight the possibility of bespoke babies.Chinese surrogacy clients typically want to use their own eggs and sperm, which allows them to have a child who is fully biologically theirs, agents said.He has handled 75 surrogacy cases for Chinese parents so far.

"Lots of clients that are Chinese do use tall blond donors," said Jennifer Garcia, case coordinator at Extraordinary Conceptions, a Carlsbad, California-based agency where 40 per cent of clients are Chinese.If egg donation is required, that can cost an additional ,000 and prenatal care and delivery fees can run between ,000 and ,000.Indeed, surrogacy in the United States is so expensive that in recent years hundreds of American parents have reportedly turned to surrogates in India. More than 40 million Chinese are now considered infertile, according to the Chinese Population Association."That's the level of interest we've seen this year from China and the very serious conversations we've had with people who I think will be joining us in the next three or four months." The agency, which handles about 140 surrogacy cases a year, 65 per cent of them for clients outside the United States, is opening an office in California to better serve clients from Asia which has easier flight connections with the West Coast. While the numbers are unclear, giving birth in America is now so commonplace that it was the subject of a hit romantic comedy movie, "Finding Mr Right", released in China in March. Weltman said that prospective Chinese clients almost always want to chose U. citizenship for their babies, while other agencies pointed to a desire to have children educated in the United States.Weltman said he hopes to hire a representative in Shanghai next year. agency staff who ask that surrogates and intended parents develop a personal relationship have been surprised by potential Chinese clients who treat surrogacy as a strictly commercial transaction. Overall, the number of Chinese visitors to the United States nearly doubled in recent years, from 1 million in 2010 to 1.8 million in 2012, U. Some wealthy Chinese say they want a bolt-hole overseas because they fear they will be the targets of public or government anger if there were more social unrest in China.They count among their clients government officials and employees of state-owned enterprises, for whom a second child would be a fireable offence.Members of the Chinese Communist Party would also face disciplinary action if a second child were reported.Often it is infertility that sends Chinese couples to U. The incidence of infertility has quadrupled in the last two decades to 12.5 per cent of people of childbearing age.Shanghai businessman Tony Jiang and his wife Cherry were among them.A growing number, though, are open to egg donation.Often Chinese donors will seek ethnically Chinese or Asian egg donors, commonly with Ivy League degrees.


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