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num could have any number (and that is what you are looking for), but in your function they translate to left and right. -i) to your regex) - NNTP SSL optimization * decoding optimization and better support for obfuscated posts * par2 detection optimization and few bugs fixed new speed display modes (Ki B/s-var KB/s) option to delete single search item from dropdown box with CTRL Del key combination [Link] * OMG... Maybe I'm oversimplifying things, but the idea is basically to find a formula for the midpoint which minimizes the worst case relative error you might get. What to do if the answer can be smaller than , using information about them that don't follow from any assumptions seems wrong.Binz * queue gone when program is restarted but items in queue need decoding * add thread not working in entername dialog, first key DOWN will be detected rls name Release name checkbox in RSS tab (if checked when on timer rls name will be used if detected) in addition to F2/F3 to switch to prev/next tab, shortcuts shift ctrl tab/ctrl tab are added * combobox instead of editbox in Entername dialog Release name as default in Entername dialog setup-nzb (default on) - Tv NZB tab is gone (replaced by RSS tab) * possible solution for avp decoding problems * download dir when splitting files no more 'x' appended values for Main Toolbar Button width & height can now be edited via cfg file * few improvements in detecting rls name * Newzleech-Browse button does not take search string NFO form centered property can now be toggled via right click menu * much more user-friendly selection (no need to select text of main column) * log tab improvements (scrooling, colors) Global search button on main toolbar Misc) Zune theme active * fixed not repairing par2 set when all files in nzb node were unpaused unrar, repair progress 15 sec abort dialog before going to sleep/shutdown setting unrar dir for every nzb * fix for yenc decoding corruption on some posts * wrong progress on unraring large files (4gb) temp directory cleanup shift key when pressing 'NZB' button imports nzb in paused state drag&drop nzb files to download queue (shift key-paused) download folder button on main toolbar customizable Main Toolbar (right click on main toolbar) options to rearrange tabs via drag'n'drop Explorer tab * various fixes on search engines output results ok/cancel buttons in nzbname/rarpass dialog * unrar dir & nonstandard chars * NLSS age when not in CET timezone * fixed par2so it should recognize all available blocks * Binsearch fix * uppercase incomplete files correct part offset for incomplete files (option - default off) command line switch '-mi' to run multiple instances * speed limit not working when adding new thread dialogs for closing program and deleting files from download queue * NZBindex fixed download history list (setup-autofit to column data * temp dir can be changed while running(old dir is used for already started files, new one for rest) * pause if free space variable can now be changed while running (0 to disable) * few fixes regarding behaviour on low free space filter boxes in all search engines tabs include/exclude toggle for filtering subjects option to save viewed nfo files (setup-misc) (0=disabled) (default=0) * It's now possible to set download dir & unrar dir for single tvnzb filter ( match_string | A or D | download_dir | unrar_dir ) Any or both of last two parametars can be omitted in which case default value is set * download and unrar folders that were set in Entername dialog were not used * 'x' is not appended anymore to NZB name in download queue a Eton search engine support (with browsing group and nfo view option) browsing group in Binsearch tab * importing NZB while was not running resulting in no files decoding * some nfos not displayed properly NLSS collection mode for best results combine mode1&mode2 selecting nfo text with mouse-clipboard * nfo column in binsearch, aeton & newzleech * different log handling (logs go to \log and are created day by day) Please recheck log settings.Old log file can safely be deleted (not used anymore) different shades for collections in various tabs F9 - shortcut for show/hide connections panel * no more autoscroll when expanding in download queue & NLSS * NLSS maximum age is now 140 days * small visual improvements * drag&drop nzb import not working alternative port [23] for NLSS * filters in all search tabs are now permanent(no need to apply them again after new search) ESC key to close nfo viewer "-minimize" cmdline switch to start as minimized "-tray" cmdline switch to start as minimized in tray NLSS timeout option setup- * fixed filename problem with uuencoded articles * fixed speedgraph incompatibility with running under wine/linux new looks (o2k3blue,o2k3silver,02k3olive, XP) - right click on main toolbar option to create new folder while browsing for folder additional par2&unrar processing log messages mouse selection possible in search tabs * if no valid download&nzb dir, new ones are created&used inside dir * Yabse fixed * beta.sorting by age fixed * fixed bug with selecting multiple speed limits dbl click on transfered bytes panel cycles displaying bytes in MB-TB * file *.001 is checked and if rar file - it's added to unrar list * fixed some files imported as paused * limit before and after scheduler * optimized download queue, nlss ageing option to age xpat result list every minute(default on) * major memory leak when using nl ss column sort/direction in nlss&xpat is now remembered between sessions theme is saved * window position in non maximized mode with toolbar in left or top * fix for problems with tvnzbfiltersmemo * possible fix for corrupt articles on certain computers * updated links/new version check SSL support server property to select group before downloading download threads can now be added, enabled or disabled while connected option to auto age files in NL SS list every minute http proxy for search engines handling 502 response same as 423,430 mirc dll for diplaying infos and controling basic operations via irc (abzmirc.dll&to mirc dir and then load script into mirc remote script window) option to add password which will be used for unraring of nzb files * fixed par2 thread hanging due to some unussual par2 files * ask to overwrite existing nzb file * handling of both Newzbin v2 & v3 nzb naming option to overwrite files during unraring option to delete *.md5 files after unraring option to export to nzb when adding files from nlss to queue * few bugs related to root node size * fixed throttler * fixed few bugs resulting in not downloading file parts status icon for files which parts will be downloaded later due to 430 article not found and retry delay and count beeing set * fixed not deleting nzb after import * unpausing after low free space fixed * fixed NL SS, all types work now search upto 99 days * fixed problem with (not)importing nzb (nzbmatrix...) * cpu usage improvement * fixed unable to connect to some servers search support search support socks proxy 4/4a/5 support * fixed threads shown speed Autoshutdown button XML status file button shortcuts on various search tabs * tvnzb filters display * fixed ETA/speed info when paused * fixed Autopush Scheduler button not working * fixed bug with pressing enter in combobox while searching option to import sample.par2 as paused added 'No results' string to binsearch added option to delete NZB files after import added option to add 'IMPORT' prefix to nzb after import added number of unpaused/paused files to root node multiserver support with retry count & retry delay (check forum, requests for more info) option to invert ETA/speed and ver.The data is sourced from multiple places, filtered, prioritized, and combined to form the data you eventually see.

However, I'm not really sure how to prove that this is the optimal (and only? Can a more competent mathematician finish the proof?

See our status page (third party operated) for live uptime stats.

For important updates on the API please subscribe here.is a public web service for looking up credit and debit card meta data.

If you are the site owner, review the steps outlined below to try to resolve the issue.

If you're only seeing errors intermittently, review the server error logs to determine the cause. nginx includes these errors in its standard error log, but it may be necessary to increase the log level.


  1. Syntax. binsearchbinary1,binary2,start-from. Description. Returns the zero-based position of binary1 in binary2, or returns -1 if not found. start-from is the.

  2. You still have a slight logic problem with your while condition. if not convert it to use iterators { int result = -1; // default return value if not found.

  3. Jun 27, 2018. If you are a site visitor, report the problem to the site owner. Cloudflare Support cannot assist you as we are only able to work with the verified.

  4. Task is to make programm searching in array of structs by num. It's compiled, but gets error when i type what student to find.

  5. LUHN. Yes; No. one or the other. If no matching cards are found an HTTP 404 response is returned. For important updates on the API please subscribe here.

  6. Unfortunately, the Filter Content Bin search in the Projects Panel. I am having the same problem, but it's stilled greyed out after reboot.

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