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Bikers not dating site

I’ve had many close calls with these guy’s, especially with my metal panniers making my F800GS as wide as a small car.

It was specifically for this reason that I choose soft 30ltr panniers for riding Irelands west coast, rural and mountain roads.

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Foreign coach drivers however are a different matter entirely.A motorcyclist will instead likely wave his/her left hand/forearm up and down indicating you should slow down immediately ahead.A quick “one” flash of their headlights or a side tilt of the head means they are just saying hello.So, if you want to make headway it is sometimes quicker to ride from the north heading south to avoid the bulk of the tourist traffic.As a motorcyclist you will have many more opportunities than cars to pull across the road to enjoy the views and take photos.They might also shake a leg at you There will be 2 main classification of roads you will face outside of towns and motorways: (!) Very Important: The Irish are used to narrow roads and “usually” take into account potential oncoming traffic on narrow roads with blind corners.They are unused to driving on the left and are unaccustomed to the narrow roads and it may seem that they are intentionally targeting you for execution.Foreign RV drivers aren’t much better with the Spanish, Italian and French drivers being the worst offenders – by far!II | VINTAGE DAYTONA BEACH BIKE WEEK BIKES, BIKINIS, BEER & BEACH PT.This is the first chapter in my Wild Atlantic Way Motorcycle Touring Guide, in this section I’ll be giving you an overview of what to expect from motorcycle touring along Ireland’s west coast and the Wild Atlantic Way tourist driving route.


  1. Kind and patient persistence does pay off. Ann Simmons-Myers, the photographer behind these amazing images that follow, finally after 3 months agreed to allow TSY to publish her Biker series dating back from 1983-1985.

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  3. It’s Not Just for Singles! BikerOrNot is a social network not a dating site. Couples use our discovery tools to find event, riding friends and share all their memories.

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