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The site is called Biker Madhouse and you can join for free by setting up your profile by clicking here to join .

American Chopper: An Emotional Embrace A frank conversation with Junior and Senior about their troubled relationship ends --- surprisingly -- in an "I love you" and a hug, sending the Chopper Live crowd to its feet. Relive those last few minutes of American Chopper Live: The Build-Off, when Jesse James and the Teutuls awaited YOUR verdict, and the winner -- Paul Teutul Jr. American Chopper: PJD 9/11 Memorial Bike Aftershow 1 From the honor of being commissioned to the choice of aluminum over steel, Paul and Vinnie take you behind the scenes of the very emotional 9/11 Memorial build.Performance parts can be added or changed to increase speed.Styling includes a roughly 45-degree angle front fork, shiny chrome detailing and other features unique to the bike's owner such custom paint designs.Insane Throttle has been working on a new biker social networking site.We are now happy to announce that we are in the testing phase of the site.When people think about motorcycles, the first thing that comes to mind is usually a Harley-Davidson.The Harley-Davidson motorcycle is one of the most popular bikes out there.American Chopper: PJD Gears of War Aftershow 2 Paulie and Vinnie describe the treat of seeing the Gears of War Trike in action BEFORE the episode aired, and explain how humbling it was to arrive at the unveil with a 5-foot-wide trike ... American Chopper: Communication Breakdown Mikey, Vinnie and Junior share their thoughts about the impasse between Mikey and Senior, and Junior explains how he and Nub manage to work together without drawings.American Chopper: Black Widow in Pieces As part of its restoration and re-branding, the Paul Jr.Any questions shoot the Admin Profile an email and we will get right back to ya.To Submit your Biker Story , News lead, Bitch us out, or even give us a compliment on a story : Email it to [email protected] First episode of “Motorcycle Madhouse” will be coming out Monday January 6th.


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