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You'll already know her name by then after the introductions, and if you've forgotten cos the discussion was so riveting, you can always start a conversation with, "I'm sorry I didn't catch/have forgotten your name..." Then arrange to meet for a coffee and the world is your lobster! If you just wanted to talk with other similar people, where better tha this discussion group?SL If she lives in/near Brighton & Hove is a specific non-scene guide to events and groups activities taking place.Your local authority website may also offer listings... I also think it's good to see if your local area has any groups. AM i met my wife 5yrs ago at work, through a friend of hers that worked with me!Bristol has one whos aim is to introduce girls that don't want to meet at bars and clubs. Everyone says football is great but I've found roller derby to be even better. There are so many ways of finding love, BUT ONLY ONE WAY LOVE WILL FIND YOU! Try googling your town name and lesbian, if there is a decent lesbian community group in the area it should have its information out there somewhere online.I have hardly any lesbian friends for this same reason! KC A local LGBT magazine I found in the library when I moved city two years had details of all sorts of groups - LGBT support groups, a choir, a walking group, a book club and so on.where are all these book groups and coffee mornings that people rave about! Libraries and other public noticeboards can be surprisingly informative when it comes to that sort of thing!Going into LGBT cafés/pubs during the day isn't so scary either, they often have leaflets and magazines about advertising local groups. I met my partner at work 5 years ago, been together 3 years and VERY happy and in love (also met my ex there but lets not go there) never been to a gay bar in my life!

BPWH Tangowire is another good site, where I have met the love of my life, however be warned many of the women are from the US and it causes so many problems with them not recognising same sex unions, which I have found out to my dismay, however, too much in love to stop now so we live in hope.Meet lovely woman and stay fit and active at the same time. Also try searching yahoo groups and facebook pages.In the Midlands there are at least two good yahoo groups (Go Getting Out (which covers the whole of the midlands) and Link Notts) that enable people to subscribe and then post about meeting up in non scene type ways.In Leicester we have Rubyfruit Women which is a group that meets on a wednesday night, and we try to get a real mix of events, so that something should appeal to everyone. The events list is available on our page on the Leicester LGBT centre website or on our facebook page Women or via our weekly email ([email protected]). I've always thought it would be great if Diva would consider doing a feature on community groups, or having a small directory, where people can find group's contact details by area. MD Church, meet ups, sports, gym, park, the beach, i met my fiance at church SF Sports clubs ;) TT Personally i recommend sports most successes there but tbh you can meet people anywhere if you have seem like a cliche but we are everywhere if you just open your eyes to the luck! If u are a book worm, ant library, book shoppe, book-nook cafe.JC If you're within reach of London and fancy learning or just dancing Ballroom and Latin American you can come to Waltzing with Hilda on the second Sat of every month (except August) at Jackson's Lane Theatre opposite Highgate tube. Adventurers, go the places u like, river rafting, kyaking, hiking, boarding! The more you put yourself out there, the more likely you are to find gay and bi women. " When a reader asked us this question, we asked it right back - on our Facebook page - and here's what you told us… KBA Lgbt groups :) EH the most obvious is the online menu that is gaydargirls :) AD Pink Sofa! AM pride events :) JMW Through joining sports teams and societies at university.Te be honest, if you don't look for a girlfriend you'll end up finding one! ST Shop in Waitrose :-) PF In the 'good old days' there was the UK lesbian Chat room...used to get 'packed' most nights other than for an hour on Thursdays when ' Bad Girls' was aired!EJD You'd be amazed how many lesbians & bi women there are on the alternative scene. Haha CT maybe try a sports club, womens rugby is pretty good, lots of fun and not full of all the stereotypical gays that you may think. And also people lie about themselves on social media sites.. I started chatting to a name one evening...turned out they were in Australia but were planning a trip to the UK. Amazing singer and has a massive lesbian fan base, you are bound to meet the woman of your dreams.I hope you find someone x KO Being a metal/goth/alt type, I'm not very comfortable in the gay mainstream and just end up complaining about the music at clubs, but in the last two years I've met and dated people at the goth & alternative group in Pride London.So yeah, Pride events - they're often outdoors, let you have actual conversations and mean that you don't have to spend ages playing "guess her orientation". ;) AS I met my current partner online, she is from the US and its going very well but I honestly did and still do feel like the online world is my only option! throw in to the mix a disabbility which just makes travelling around that bit harder!


  1. Dec 18, 2014. When it comes to lesbian and bisexual online dating, the general premise is the same as usual — see photos, scroll through profiles, swipe or.

  2. Dec 7, 2011. I found that online dating did not force me to be nice—it required me to be mean. So for men who like girls who like girls You like lesbians and bisexual women. The internet is a delivery system for any kind of pornography.

  3. Apr 4, 2018. There is a dating app for everyone these days, whether you want. and Jamie Forsyth say it's about adding transparency to online dating. to be the biggest community for lesbian, bisexual and queer women worldwide.

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