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She also studied art history, sculpture, and fresco painting at the University of Siena, Italy.After receiving her BA in 1980, she relocated to Southern California, where she pursued a career in graphic art and typography.Danielle was recently awarded the Jean Parish Scholarship for Art Award.

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Danielle and Brandon are former advanced web design interns at Bright Hill.For years after that, his writing became only an occasional dabbling.At the urging of his daughter, he once again delved into the world of poetry in more recent years to the point where it became a regular part of his existence.The website for his latest full-length book, Just Another Day in Just Our Town is Greenfield (Sullivan County, NY) grew up some 40 miles north of NYC in the small hamlet of Montrose, NY, where he learned how to play baseball, climb trees, and make change at the local supermarket.He first began to write poetry while attending the SUNY Plattsburgh.She has shown her award-winning collages in galleries throughout the region, including three solo exhibits at the Art Mission in Binghamton; Bright Hill, Treadwell; and the Chenango County Council of the Arts.Her work has also been shown at the Cooperstown Art Association, the Smithy-Pioneer Gallery, The Roxbury Arts Group, the Kirkland Art Center, Clinton; and at the Kubiak Gallery, UCCCA, in Oneonta; and is in private collections in NY, Los Angeles, Seattle, St. Bruce Bennett (Aurora, NY) is the author of ten full-length collections of poetry and more than 30 poetry chapbooks.After receiving his Ph D from Harvard in 1967, he taught at Oberlin College from 1967-70, where he co-founded and served as an editor of Field: Contemporary Poetry and Poetics.In 1970, he co-founded and served as an editor of Ploughshares.Collage allows her to express her unique artistic vision in a way that no other medium ever has.She is fascinated with finding new meanings through the unexpected juxtaposition of images into new compositions.


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