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The Beast agrees, and frees her father, without letting the two share their goodbyes.

At first, the Beast plans for Belle to remain in the dungeon, but after seeing her distraught and experiencing a hint of sympathy, leads her to her room.

Fantastic movie, and some of the best jokes we've ever seen from Philip J.

Maurice is ignorant to the fact that a hideous beast lurks within the castle walls because the enchanted objects only refer to him as "the master".Bender steals the show, we all knew it would happen, but the real highlight here is the film's conclusion, which breaches the small-screen feel of the Futurama series to enter the realm of great space epics, with a final outcome that would rival any of Douglas Adams' wildest dreams.Critics of this film should realize that an animated movie isn't going to bring you ultimate happiness, but rather you should enjoy the simple message this film presents, and think twice about the story's moral questions about life, the universe and everything... This is where the Beast gives Maurice a "place to stay" after angered by his unwanted intrusion.The next day, Belle stumbles upon the same room and meets her father, unsuspectingly guided by Lumière and Cogsworth, and offers the Beast her place as his prisoner in return for her father's freedom. Kroker / Judge Ron Whitey / Carnival Barker / Superhero / Land Squid (voice) Dr. Zoidberg / Zapp Brannigan / Richard Nixon's Head / Leo Wong / Moon Farmer / M-5438 / Mr.An enchantress places a powerful spell on the castle as punishment for the Prince's cruel ways, turning the castle into a dark and mysterious fortress, eliminating its original beauty.After Belle's love for the Beast breaks the spell near the film's climax, the castle transforms back into its initial elegance and charm, along with the Beast and his servants.Belle notices a shredded portrait of a young Prince, and soon sees the warm glow of the Beast's Enchanted Rose.Upon her attempt to stroke its soft petals, the Beast becomes aware of her presence and orders her to "Get out! Belle's fear causes her to flee the castle in anger into the danger of the dark woods.


  1. This is a collection of bestiality stories from the Kristen Directories. If you have some good "bestiality stories" -- or have written one that isn't here, how about sending it in so everyone can read it.

  2. Source The Beast's Castle is the primary location of Disney's 1991 film, Beauty and the Beast. Initially, it is the home of the Beast and his several servants, including Lumière, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip, and later becomes the

  3. Gray Beast. Bouncing, Blue Beast. A brilliant student, McCoy completed his doctoral studies and finally left the X-Men and Professor Xavier's school to take a position as a genetic researcher with the Brand Corporation, a division of Roxxon Oil.

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