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Later on, I quit my well-paying job in P&G right at the start of a financial crisis no less, to pursue my passion to help others—with no prior skills or knowledge in this area.

I then turned my passion into a full-fledged business (Personal Excellence) which now earns me more than my previous job in P&G today, with 95% of my income being passive income.

Bonus points if Brennan has a habit of talking about how cool and great and awesome his friend is--this means that they definitely talked strategy beforehand, and your crush wanted you to know what his ~attributes~ are.

Image source:i Stock Conversation suddenly go from 0-Shakespeare real quick? If you're into the highbrow stuff, definitely take it from there.

Nothing big like earning one million or one billion dollars, but still things I’m proud to have achieved nonetheless.I felt sad and conflicted because it seemed that I was making myself increasingly unappealing to men by virtue of every step I took in my career and growth.Since becoming more prominent in my career would naturally make me a more powerful character, men would find my persona/success too intimidating and hence back off from pursuing me, rather than consider me romantically.Hey, no one said the bragging train can't go both ways.Image source:i Stock If your crush always approaches you with his friend Brennan a few paces behind him, it's pretty probable that he's trying to utilize the ol' wing man technique.Image source:i Stock He hints at "hanging out" and "chilling soon" and "doing something over the weekend," but won't actually make any concrete plans.Chances are, he's trying to suss out how you feel about hanging out one-on-one without having to stick his neck out and actually ask you.You can say that these “accomplishments” are atypical of an average person, much less a girl from Singapore.Hence, I’m frequently singled out by others for my accomplishments and for being a driven and “fearless” person.(I’m quoted in this month’s issue of Her World Singapore by the way. ) Not too long ago, I went on a world trip for seven months without any companion or itinerary, basically creating my agenda on the fly.Depending on how things go, I’m possibly going on another long trip this year, scouring places like India, South Africa, and South America.


  1. Oct 21, 2015. Smart Women Intimidate Men, Says New Study. A 2011 study found that women are less attracted to men who smile, but that doesn't mean.

  2. Nov 15, 2013. The alpha male or alpha female struts in and all the other animals take notice. You don't settle for anything less than what you had planned.

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