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Barbie dating hsu vic zhou

That's why they agreed on the seperation.' Isn't it a waste?

'Fate is like that, in the future everyone are still friends.

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Last year on December 9, when Zai Zai was in Shanghai to attend the prize presentation ceremony, he media asked when the marraige will take place?

Zai Zai replied that: 'There will be a breakthrough in our relationship next year.' He did not elaborate further what he meant by breakthrough.

Now we understand the real meaning of his statement. Reports state that the date for their break-up was on the 4th of January.

Those who worked with Zai Zai revealed: Recently Zai Zai have been working really hard, and was always discussing work matters with the staff.

He's very different from last time where he used to be very shy and did not have any views on matters.


  1. Hsu confirmed the split via her assistant during an activity in Hong Kong on Monday, while Zhou’s agent also confirmed the news. Both have declined to make further comments. Barbie Hsu’s mother told the media the couple parted amicably. Barbie Hsu, 31, and Vic Zhou, 26, gained wide popularity through the 2001 hit television drama

  2. Is vic zhou dating Barbie? SAVE CANCEL. already exists. It is not known if Barbie Hsu and Vic Zhou will ever act togetheragain or be in a relationship.

  3. I squealed all the way through the last picture. && I’d have to agree, Ji Hwan and Eun Hye make their on-screen OTPs so convincing, it’s hard to tell whether or not they’re dating

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