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You will need to check the details that you have supplied, and sign and return one copy to the benefits service.You should also send any supporting evidence with this copy.

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If you think our decision not to backdate your claim is wrong, then you can ask for the decision to be reconsidered.When we consider whether your housing benefit can be backdated we have to decide if any reasonable person in your situation would have been unable to make a claim for benefit for that period of time.We will write and tell you our decision on your request for backdating.As a result, some of the elements on this page may not behave as you might expect.You should give us all the information we need within one month of us receiving your form.The Court of Appeal has recommended a general test which the council should apply when considering good cause: "some fact which, having regard to all the circumstances (including the claimant's health and the information which he had received and that which he might have obtained) would probably have caused a reasonable person of his age and experience to act (or fail to act) as the claimant did." Some factors which the council will take into account when applying this test are: These are only a few of the more common factors the council will look at when deciding if good cause is shown.Remember you must show good cause for the whole period you wish your benefit backdated for.There is a section on the claim form which asks if you would like your benefit backdated, so you should fill that in if you do.Alternatively, write a letter and send it along with the claim form.Backdating is a rule which allows the council to award Housing Benefit for up to one month and Council Tax Reduction for up to 6 months before a claim was received.In order to be awarded backdated benefit you must: It is possible for there to be 'continuous good cause' for Housing Benefit, but not Council Tax Reduction and vice versa.


  1. Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction - Request backdating of your claim. Introduction. Use this form to ask for your Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax.

  2. Information on how to claim Housing Benefit for a past period.

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