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The Pro 3000 comes with one very swoopy general purpose stand for ordinary monitor-top use, and a fold-up combination stand, which is the one it's attached to in the above picture.The fold-up stand can also be used to clip the Pro 3000 onto flat screen monitors, including laptop screens.Lifeview's driver download page is here; that's on their rather unreliable Taiwanese site, though, so go to the FTP directory here if the other link's no good.You can use all of these cameras with Windows 98, 2000 and ME; the Quick Cam Express also claims to work with Win95, provided you've got one of the late releases of that OS that properly support USB.The instructions say you can use it to clip onto ordinary monitors, too, like this.....since this picture was taken two seconds before the camera fell off the monitor, I think that's a bunch of hooey.

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Enjoy :) For your private parties why not hire topless waitresses and topless waiters for the best barmaids and barmen to make your night complete.You can get basic Logitech Quick Cams for rock-bottom prices, and they've also got some snazzy models that cost considerably more and work considerably better. It's Logitech's most basic model, with a maximum capture resolution of 352 by 288 pixels, and it doesn't have a microphone or a shutter button on top, or even a fancy stand.The Quick Cam stand is actually quite clever, though; it's a rubberised plastic jobbie, and a knurled metal plug screws into the bottom of the camera and sticks into a slot in the stand, giving you a perfectly serviceable pan/tilt mounting no more floppy and annoying than that used by any other webcam.The Quick Cam Express cable beats the Lifeview by only about 10cm (four inches).The Logitech Quick Cam software's pretty swish.You can get drunk and sail across the bay and when you get home this porn website will be waiting for you.Or maybe you will meet some hot girl on the cruise and won't need to come back here ever again.If you're celebrating a big birthday such as an 18th or 21st, then you're probably looking to plan a party.Impress your friends by doing something different, such as a party boat cruise.The Logitech installer holds your hand more than the Lifeview one, but there's not much in it.In the absence of any serious software hassles, the only real setup problem is where you can put the camera.


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