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Assigned task not updating

If the person to whom a task is assigned is not authorized, that person can only view it and insert a comment.The Task feature restricts most users' ability to edit tasks, so that they progress through a prescribed series of states.Right click anywhere in the time-phased section and click on ‘Actual Cost’ which will appear as a new row and enter the cost in the appropriate cell.Switch to the Gantt Chart view, the 0 charge for Room1 is now recorded in the Actual Cost column.Many states are assigned automatically when associated content undergoes a change.

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Tom Henry is a Work type resource with a rate of /hr.

Only Task Types that are applied to a task appear in the Show Task Type drop-down box.

NOTE: " After a task is created, the user to whom it is assigned would typically perform some aspect of the task.

You can attach a task to a content item, so that as it progresses through editing and approval, a task tracks those activities.

When working with tasks, you need to understand the following.


  1. A task is a required action within Ektron, such as updating or publishing. The difference between a task assigned to content and one not assigned to content.

  2. When you assign a task to someone, that person becomes the task owner and Outlook keeps track of the fact that the task came from you.

  3. Hi All, I'm experiencing a huge delay in Assign-To-Do taskNot completing. Update item for workflow task and assign to do tasks are lies on.

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