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The world Drew Pearce builds is amusing and filled with comedy and action and pathos.

But it exerts much more energy making us believe in the environment than it does on making us believe in the characters.

Life on Artemis is tough if you’re not a rich tourist or an eccentric billionaire, and Jazz is decidedly not a member of either category.

She’s got debts to pay, her job as a porter barely covers the rent, and her budding career as a smuggler isn’t exactly setting her up as a kingpin, much to her disappointment.

Every patient at the Artemis is referred to by their suite name, so the robbers end up going by Waikiki (Sterling K.

Brown), a consummate professional held back by his drug-addicted brother, Honolulu (Brian Tyree Henry).

An adrenaline-charged crime caper that features smart, detailed world-building based on real science and the charm that makes Weir’s writing so irresistible, Artemis introduces a protagonist every bit as memorable as The Martian’s Mark Watney: Jasmine Bashara, aka Jazz.It's Jodie Foster's movie, and everyone else is just visiting.But make no mistake: Hotel Artemis is a very fun movie.Her only associate is Everest, a towering orderly played by Dave Bautista, who wants to heal the sick but will also break you in half if you don’t follow the Artemis's rules.In the midst of a Los Angeles riot, a bank heist goes bad, and the thieves take shelter at the Artemis in order to clean their wounds.John Wick made the Continental seem real because Wick, at least, is a fully realized character with a complicated inner life and genuine tragedy in his heart.And you get the distinct impression that, although we don’t get to know the other characters terribly well, they co-exist alongside Wick as real(istic) characters.Their fellow patients are the mysterious assassin Nice (Sofia Boutella), named after the French city, and the jerky arms dealer Acapulco (Charlie Day). patient all create some sort of perfect storm, where every single thing that happens is a catastrophic inconvenience.The chaos outside the Hotel Artemis, the mysterious patients within, the shifting allegiances and the promise of a V. Murder is inevitable, kick butt fights are inevitable, and quirkiness is everywhere, for better or worse.Drew Pearce wrote and directed Hotel Artemis, and he seems to take particular pleasure in showing his work.Every facet of the establishment and the world in which it resides is presented in microscopic detail, so the audience learns the origin of the hotel, its geography, its unique technology, its power generator, its secret keys, and the clandestine society which uses its services. The problem is, the people who live there are mostly one-note figures, who look cool but make this painstakingly created environment seem fake.


  1. Nov 20, 2017. When Jazz get's a heist job from one of Artemis' wealthiest citizens, she thinks she's hit the jackpot. "I hope you like Artemis but Artemis is not The Martian," Weir explains. The Disturbing Truth of 'Dating Naked'. Davis, LLC and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission.

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