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Are online dating sites a waste of time speed dating app on facebook

Some do it on purpose, others don’t know they’re doing it at all (yes, it is possible to be THAT clueless) but how do you know? It happens, often times, we just like the attention or they feed our ego or they’re a “new toy” we want to play with and completely disregard (or not notice) that they have other intentions in mind.Can you actually distinguish between someone who’s seriously trying to get to know you and a time waster? I’ve done it and I’m certainly not proud of it, but now that I’m more aware, I don’t do it anymore.Don’t focus too much on the outcome, focus more on finding the right person who makes a good companion and the rest will fall into place where it’s supposed to.So there you have it, how to avoid time wasters when dating.

Most people during the dating phase, actually see many of the things in their partner that would cause them to break up in the future...Thanks to the Internet and social networking sites like Facebook, online dating has become an unstoppable juggernaut.Consider Match.com, an online dating industry pioneer. Around that time, only 14 percent of American adults were internet users. In fact, most people who date, don't do it right.Dating is supposed to be about getting to know someone before you commit. It has the potential for reducing the number of divorces.If you are looking for something more serious however, you need to invest your time wisely.That doesn’t mean that you will only date people who you’ll end up having a real relationship with, because you never know unless you try, but, you will date with purpose.It’s inevitable that some will indeed slip through the cracks, but on the most part choosing your dates wisely will help you avoid people who don’t want the same things you do.Before making an emotional investment in someone you’re talking to or dating, know what you’re getting into and that way you’ll avoid time wasters when dating. People will only waste your time if you let them, remember that, so don’t let them. Ok, I will admit I reached probably the lowest point I can almost go right now which would be online dating, I'm currently trying Plenty of Fish, Ok Cupid, & Craigslist(Uber fail).


  1. One man delves into why the online dating industry, and sites like Tinder. everyone's looking for love online. but are they wasting their time?

  2. Yes online dating is a waste of time. I get no love from women. someone out somewhere. For every girl on a site, there are like 40+ guys.

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  4. There are plenty of dating sites, apps, and events that promise you an opportunity to meet the man of your dreams. They promise a sea of.

  5. Almost every online dating site out there has some form of a. Cool, you don't need to waste any more time with her; move on and find.

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