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"He'll also still have fun on his radio show with Dave." Katie (Chloe Rose)Viewers quickly learned that Little Miss Perfect had a secret: an eating disorder.

"She's a soccer player, she's President of the high school and she's very determined, but sometimes when you're determined and things don't go your way, you make short cuts," Chambers says.

I'd also like to welcome a wonderful veteran actor Paul Popowich who will be joining us as a regular this season playing Asher Shostak," Stefan says as we all settle into our seats.

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I'm not surprised that Drew gets drunk and then sleeps with Katie and no one is surprised when Eli and Clare get back together. Every time I don't have a scene and can look away from my script I'm waiting Aislinn.To my great delight I'm sitting next Aislinn with Daniel on my other side, Ais has Jordy next to her and Leesh is next to Daniel."Hi Ais," I grin sitting next to her."Morning Luke," she smiles sitting down."Welcome everyone and especially to our new cast members even though some of you know each other already.I'd like to welcome Craig Arnold who will be playing Luke Baker, Dylan Everett who will be playing Campbell Saunders, Demetrius Joyette playing Mike Dallas and Sarah Fisher playing Becky Baker.A/U story featuring everyone from season 12 and a few others from previous seasons will make appearances. Welcome to this brand new story which is dedicated to Keisi Cutie who requested it a very long time ago and I am very sorry it took me so long to get to it.Legal: I am not in any way affiliated with De Grassi or Epitome."But I wouldn't say that Dave and Alli are completely over — there were misunderstandings made.Also, Clare and Jake are good, so maybe there's hope that Claire and Alli's friendship will come back." Adam (Jordan Todosey)Adam (who was born a female named Gracie) will continue to struggle for acceptance from his peers. "He's going to have a secret admirer," Chambers says.Adam was shot by a party-crashing gang member, Clare was dumped by Jake and made peace with her ex Eli (Munro Chambers).As the new season kicks off, asked Chambers and newbie Alex Steele, who plays overachiever Tori, about what new calamities we can expect.It is much harder to write for real people than for characters.Important things to know before reading:*This takes place during the filming of season 12 and may continue beyond that*Jessica and Munro are dating but Daniel and Mindy are not for this story Mindy & Justin are dating*Starts shortly after the Party with De Grassi tour*Please see note above*The rest, including relationships, are in the story so enjoy Because this story involves the actors not the characters I'm including a list of actors along with their nicknames (that I'm aware of if they have any) simply for reference although I imagine most of you know this information already.



  2. Munro Chambers dating history, 2018, 2017, list of Munro Chambers relationships. Munro Chambers has been in relationships with Melinda Shankar 2013, Vanessa. Sadie's Last Days on Earth, 2016, Teddy, Movie. Aislinn Paul.

  3. Feb 23, 2012. Degrassi, Aislinn Paul, Munro Chambers and Cristine Prosperi. It's been a tough year for Eli His ex-girlfriend died, he broke up with Clare.

  4. The latest Tweets from Aislinn Paul @aislinnpaul. Petticoated Swashbuckler https//t.co/ko6E9NUjyD https//t.co/nZ7dDWslgb. Canada.

  5. Aislinn Paul dating history, 2018, 2017, list of Aislinn Paul relationships. 5 Films About Technology, 2016, Corrie, Movie. Private Eyes. Paul Munro Chambers.

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