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To understand what's really happening, start from basics: if you're reading it, it's for you. women in their 20s with no actual power looking to establish themselves, who are the very people who should embrace anonymity, not to want this: only rapists and too-weak-to-try rapists want to be anonymous.Smart women write clickable articles about their sexuality for nothing, because what good are you if you can't make someone else money?

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Don't worry, pics of the writers will be included to suggest an appeal to authority.

When they pay you that much they're not paying you to write for them, they're paying you not to write for anyone else, that's called controlling the capital. criminals, but the consumers-- to voluntarily give up all of their privacy, while paying lip service to privacy at home-- knowing full well women that women will pay money not to have the kind of privacy they have at home. All of this is for the benefit of the media, which is why I know with 100% certainty that nothing will change. Two cops located him minding his own business, and because he defended himself with the magic words-- and you should write these down, they're gold-- "it's a public street, I have a right to be here"-- . On the other hand, was he a dangerous nut, should he have been punished? Was he operating from a perspective of institutionalized sexism, patriarchal thinking, misogyny? Sometimes the structural imbalances go your way, and sometimes they don't, better figure out who makes the scales. I work for the city paper, the one that caters to voting Democrats and men looking for Russian companionship.

"So your solution is that she should use pseudonym? Voluntarily exposing yourself makes you a targetable consumer and targetable consumable. Because she wrote that article, because some people camped in Zuccotti Park, the energy for activity was discharged. What Hess didn't realize is that while she was fumbling impotently with the cops, the media company that she worked for could have crushed the troll if it was worth it and her lawyers would have midnight Seal Team Sixed him while he was overhand jacking it to interracial porn. After Hess got the runaround, she spent a lot of time trying to get a protection order, a force slightly less compelling than wind. I'm doing a story about police apathy regarding sexual violence from a first person perspective, by which I mean your perspective. " That would have solved her problem, but more importantly it would have forced her to think about WHY that solved her problem.

In the reverse, put a pic in your byline and you improve your female audience; put a pic of a female in your byline and you've maximized ROI, everyone will click on a pic of a chick. " I'm sorry, I wasn't precise: Again, the question of whether anonymity emboldens trolls is not the force of that article, it isn't about their behavior, it is about yours. There's one other crucial piece of information needed to understand this story: her harasser probably had large sneakers. Every woman has some version of this story, with one important difference: Amy was a medical student, which meant a lot of money went into her and a lot of money was expected of her. Please observe a) Amy herself didn't have to do anything to effect any of this, she was mostly unaware of the results, the system was on autopilot; b) he was jailed not for what he did but for whom he did it to, had Amy been a 1040EZ at the Footlocker we'd say she was asking for it.

This is economic and psychologic universe in which Hess finds herself. You know they pay their top staff writers 0k a year? a) yes you can; b) listen to me: if those swindlers are willing to pay you 0k, then you could probably get 0k yourself, and if you can't get 0k yourself then you aren't worth their 0k either and they will eventually notice. You aren't writing for Gawker, you just use the internet, comment on things, etc. "But merely 'branding anonymity as bad' isn't going to stop the cyberbullying misogynists." You are correct, which is why the spokesperson for this crisis is Amanda Hess. One (1) phone call from the Dean to a phone number that was not 911 and that guy was evaporated. "But it isn't fair that her protection money should get her concierge policing while the rest of us have to make due with socialized law enforcement." Was it fair that he did eight months because he couldn't afford bail, is it fair that he didn't know that it wasn't fair?


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