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Andy williams claudine longet dating

During the '60s Williams and Longet had three children together: Noelle, Christian, and Bobby.Being married to the star and often appearing on screen with him and their children added to the squeaky clean, family image of the program.

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Not only that, but she was making appearances on other TV variety shows, singing alongside Tom Jones and Bobby Darin.The private, intimate looks we used to exchange were less frequent, but until that moment I had not understood how far down that path we had travelled.Claudine had fallen out of love with me."In 1972, while separated from Williams, Longet met the acclaimed skier Vladimir "Spider" Sabich at a celebrity skiing event and they began dating.Friends said that Sabich wanted to kick Longet and her kids out of the house.According to Andy Williams flew to Aspen to be by his ex-wife's side, and escorted her to and from the trial every day.At the sensational trial that followed, Longet claimed the gun had discharged accidentally as Sabich was showing her how it worked.She was convicted of criminal negligence and sentenced to 30 days in jail, which she served following a vacation with her defense attorney, Ron Austin, who she later married.Because of the dismissed evidence, the best argument prosecutors could use in court was the position of Sabich's body when he was shot: bent over and facing away from the gun.The jury found her guilty -- but only of negligent homicide.A 2010 book written about Longet's life, Aspen Terminus, stated that she had "succeeded in doing what no French woman singer since Edith Piaf had done: selling serious numbers of records in the United States."Despite portraying a strong union on television, Williams and Longet decided to separate in 1970 and their divorce became final in 1975.In Williams' autobiography, the singer admitted that being on tour and away from home so much began to drive a wedge in the marriage and that "the thrill I used to get when I saw her walking towards me had faded.


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