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He’s at the centre of 2,000-year old murder mystery. Lindow Man, nicknamed ‘Pete Marsh’ is Britain’s best known and best preserved Iron Age bog body. Lived during the Iron Age, close to Lindow Moss, near Mobberley, Cheshire in the mid 1st Century AD.

He was alive when the Romans ruled nearby Manchester and Jesus walked the Earth. And 24 years after he was pulled from the peat on Lindow Moss near Mobberley, Lindow Man has returned to Manchester Museum in a new exhibition. [This was the same time as the Romans had established their fort on the banks of the River Irwell (78 AD]. 168 cm tall (5ft 7in) and weighed 60-65 kg (9½st – 10st)His torso, head, arms were discovered in 1984 in a peat bog on Lindow Moss – though his body below the waist is still missing apart from his right leg.

Go to: Historical Abstracts of the US Colonial Times to 1970, select Part 1 (zip). Tavern keepers were even required in some areas to distinguish between a "good" meal and a "common" one.

Select CT1970p1-08Chapter G: "Consumer Income & Expenditures." Skip to page 302 "Consumer Expenditure Patterns," where you find definitions and sources. See also Cummings [1817-1930] [1890-1970] Basic commodities (go to page 213): average retail prices of flour, bread, round steak, pork chops, bacon, butter, eggs, milk (delivered), oranges, potatoes, tomatoes (canned), Navy beans, coffee, margarine & sugar, reported by the federal government. However, whatever the quality of the food served, the proprietor was allowed to charge a predetermined price...

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Unusually for a bog body, Lindow Man sported a beard and moustache trimmed with shears. Judging by his well-manicured fingernails, it’s unlikely that he did much manual labour – leading to suggestions that he held a respected position such as a Druid priest.Thinking that it belonged to his wife who he’d killed 25 years previously, a local man Peter Reyn-Bardt then confessed to her murder. Mrs Reyn-Bardt’s body has never been found.i first saw lindow man at manchester museum when i was at beaver road school in the 80's.However, tests revealed that the the skull was that of a man who died almost 2,000 years ago. i made such an impact on me that it made me want to become an acrhaeologist....which is what i do for a job all these years later.Dishes, in some cases, were passed communally and not available as individual portions...The Indian King in Philadelphia...offered "a regular ordinary every Day, of the very best provisions and well dressed at 12d a head...'...The acidic, oxygen-free conditions in the peat bog meant that the man’s skin, hair and many of his internal organs were extremely well preserved, Since the discovery, Lindow Man has been freeze dried for preservation and his cabinet is the most climate controlled in the British Museum.A leathery skin with a yellowish hue and wrinkles clearly visible. Lincoln [1899] Klondike [Alaska] gold miner provision prices [1900--present] How much did food cost in Morris County, NJ?Breakfast, dinner, and supper were the same price, one shilling and six pence...Source: Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to 1970/U. On December 28, 1785, the day Thomas Allen...opened the doors to his new City Coffee House in New London, Connecticut, Allen recorded the prices he intended to charge his customers in..day book. [1881] Prices asked for provisions, New York Times, November 27, 1881 [1893] Boston School Kitchen Text-Book/Mrs. year-by-year; also cars, clothing, housing, furniture, recreation, etc.


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