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America dating marriage

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Gen Z is the most racially diverse generation, research firm 747 Insights found, and interracial marriage is on the rise. But as for that proposal, the kids we chatted with had thoughts. YPulse data show a majority of teen boys disagree with long-held assumptions about them: that they don't want to settle down, have families, do housework or cook.

About four in five children say they'd date outside their race, notes youth marketing firm YPulse, and a majority of 13-to-17-year-olds said they'd date someone with different religious or political views. About 80 percent of teens are open to getting married one day, YPulse found. In fact, Pew Research found dads in 2016 spent roughly three times as much time on child care than fathers 50 years ago.

They often act as if they think their appliances are worth more than the useless human lumps they're currently saddled with.

Think about it: there is a more than two in five chance that an American woman is of mustering the love and commitment needed to make a marriage work!


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