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Among Americans ages 2 to 19, 18.5 percent were obese in the 20, while 5.6 percent were severely obese.

(A severely obese youth is defined as being at or above 120 percent of the 95th percentile of body-mass-index for age and gender.)The study found that the percentage of youths who are obese and severely obese rose slightly from the 2007-2008 time frame, but not enough to be statistically significant. Craig Hales, co-author of the survey research, said the small increase in childhood obesity “could be due to sampling error,” and that the upshot was “no increasing or decreasing trends over the last 10 years.”“Something different is happening with adults and youth,” he said, adding that he wasn’t able to explain the reasons.

Quite the opposite: they’re healthier than ever before.

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“Large choice sets cause participants to make mating decisions that are less closely aligned with their idealized mating decisions,” observed researchers from Northwestern University, in a 2012 study examining the psychological implications of online dating.

Is love becoming obsolete in America, rebranded into an unfeeling hookup culture, commodified into a simpler, faster model to be traded in when the next best thing comes along?

The prevalence of severe obesity in American adults is also rising, heightening their risks of developing heart disease, diabetes and various cancers.

According to the latest data, published Friday in JAMA, 7.7 percent of American adults were severely obese in the same period. Public health experts said that they were alarmed by the continuing rise in obesity among adults and by the fact that efforts to educate people about the health risks of a poor diet do not seem to be working.“Most people know that being overweight or obese is unhealthy, and if you eat too much that contributes to being overweight,” said Dr.


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