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There are a few villages and hamlets in the commune including: Les Baumes, Le Buis d'Alpes, La Roche, Saint-Philippe, and Le Pont.

A metre-gauge railway line traverses the north of the commune but the nearest station is at Saint-Jean-le-Centenier.

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Their neighbours were Segusiavi: to the north-west the Vellaves Gabales and to the south Volques Arécomiques.

There are extensive areas of farmland in the commune especially following the ridge line from north to south as well as steep mountain slopes.

An extensive network of streams throughout the commune run into L'Escoutay river which runs south out of the commune then east to join the Rhone near Viviers.

Fabius Maximus managed to separate the Helviens the Allobroges and Arverni and draw them into alliance with Rome.

They obtained the title of allies and friends of Rome and Julius Caesar observed, on his arrival in Gaul, that they were independent and had their own customs and administration.


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