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Air crew dating site

After telling him her schedule of flying 15 days out of the month, however, he decided that it wouldn’t work out.And it wasn’t even the first rejection because of the job: another guy said her schedule seemed too “hectic,” and yet another told her, “with your job I don’t know if I could trust you.”What exactly are they so afraid of?It’s not as though we’re greeted by a fan club as soon as we step off the plane at every layover.A more likely scenario: our crew descends the plane wearing flats because it’s 10 p.m. We wipe off our lipstick, hoping that there’s a refrigerator in the hotel room so we can store our packed lunches, and pray the gym doesn’t suck at this hotel.Sometimes I will check out the scenery on Tinder but it’s mainly just a way for me to window shop.Most female flight attendants I work with are the same, with a few exceptions.

An old friend who had crushed on her since they were 12 years old finally expressed his affection, saying she was his “end game,” with marriage on the horizon.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of a wild weekend in Vegas or spending the day on the beach in Barbados, you’ll have the perfect travel buddy.

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We balance a tray of five glasses filled with cocktails while someone squeezes past us to reach the lavatory, and we don’t spill a drop. I’m amazing.’” Our lives are full of choice and opportunity, but that freedom seems to apply everywhere except our dating life.

We maintain composure while consoling an irate passenger whose life is over because he didn’t get the window seat. We can do all this, but it’s still so hard finding men who can handle our superhero jobs. Last summer, I traveled on a whim to Paris to visit a friend, Iceland because the Blue Lagoon seemed nice to visit on my birthday, and Chicago for a concert (you don’t say no to Beyoncé tickets, that’s a mortal sin).


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