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BTW, some of the 'voyeurs' (i.e., guys who ask a lot of questions about the lifestyle, but have no intention of indulging in it whatsoever -- they just like to hear about it and get off on it), will never learn from such a forum anyway. I would say I am mostly submissive, but not in a dom/sub type way. As a larger woman, I tend to be attracted to larger men (not fat, just large). I liked that he could lift me wrap his arms way around me, so I felt smaller and more feminine. Muscular and strong, but smaller than I am used to.

I tend to be much more submissive with him, as I like him to use his strength and masculine power to make me feel smaller and more feminine.

So, I no longer bring it up, unless I detect that person and I are on the same page.

Generalizations are for those who live their lives by crib notes ... It could serve as somewhat of an educational experience for the "voyeurs" and those uninformed about the scene.

Looking for FRIENDS with good sense of humor, able to let go and relax with me, someone that can actually mean what they say, and able to look passed my wheelc Brandon Mississippi Luvurcurvz 41 Man Seeking Women Ex-Rocker Looking for possable LTR with right lady 34-69 race,looks,size not important I prefer BBWs or SSBBWs it's whats inside that counts so drop me a line and we'll start from there Am tired Woods Texas Txman4luv 61 Man Seeking Women Me: smart, witty, fun loving, serious at times, respectful and respectable, curious about the world, fat (just an adjective), lovely, self confident, upfront, forthright, at times aggressive, other ti well im 30 years old i live in dartmouth ns i have lived here for for about 19 years since me and my family moved here from Newbrunswick I must admit I havent really enjoyed my time here to much and i Hi! did I mention that alrea Arvada Utah Big Porky43 49 Man Seeking Women Hello ladies my name is R.

I'm a 22 year old Social Work student at Rutgers University. Rap, Rutgers--Camden New Jersey bee2291 27 Woman Seeking Men I'm a lonely guy looking for same, you don't need to have anything in common with me, just a desire to chat. J I am a real cool person that loves to hang out and do all kinds of new things.

Sorry if this doesn't answer your question, but I thought someone might find it interesting.It ends up with them being more submissive, at least in relationships, than usual. Anyway, I developed this hypothesis a long time ago when I was trying to figure out why gay people tended to be more interesting than straight people, about things that had nothing to do with being gay.Basically, there are people who conform to what they think they should do, and there are people who don't. It's like saying short people make bad basketball players.Hips move, legs move, arms move everything inside her moves!Time to find a bbw that doesn’t have health issues in bed! This can be explained by her not having an adverse relationship with her body or food.I have no body issues and a good Dominant finds a woman's gift of submission to be what makes her the most appealing to him.I feel that the BBW ladies often get into the D/s roles as it is something in demand that men are attracted too and a place where the skinny minis dont want to go, therefore men will over look size for the erotic open mind of a D/s girl. I don't think it would matter whether I weigh what I do now or 100 pounds lighter. It's not the body, it's the mind and I thoroughly enjoy yielding to a man.I think the reason they act submissive is because since they naturally are big they don't feel very feminine most of the time. It doesn't have anything to do with being big and submissive, which is good, because while there are a lot of big submissives, there are a lot of big dominants as well.So they want to feel the feminine because, unfortunately, too many men don't treat them like the woman they deserve to be. I took a girlfriend to The Woodshed last night, and she remarked that most of the people were fat women and funny-looking men, which was true.I would say with a satisfying loving relationship and great sex everyday I would likely trim down.My self esteem is very good, but my pleasure comes from what is most easily attainable to me.


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