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Age dating consent california

As a result, he received a five – 15-year prison sentence.After serving six years, he was required to register as a sex offender.If the couple is married, the age of consent does not apply.Have you been accused of committing a sexual crime?These charges are used to litigate child abuse-related and age of consent crimes in the state.The severity of any criminal charge, such as misdemeanor, a felony, and so on, depends on the alleged acts committed and the ages (or relative ages) of the victim and perpetrator: Even under today’s Romeo and Juliet law in Texas, it’s still possible to break the law.It provides legal relief for a marginally older person who makes the decision to have a sexual relationship with another close-in-age person, such as a 16-year-old who decides to have a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old.An adult may mistakenly assume or believe that a young person is older than 17 years old when he or she is under the age of consent (age 17 in Texas).

For that reason, citizens encouraged legislators to pass the Romeo and Juliet law.Doing so may result in a partner’s prosecution for statutory rape.The statutory rape statute in Texas is violated when an individual participates in a consensual sexual activity with a person under the age of 17.An experienced Houston sex crimes attorney can review any evidence against you and protect your rights.Many people in Texas believe that an adult who engages in any type of sexual activity with a person younger than age 17 should face aggressive prosecution.This limits the type of work he can do and where he may live. The relationship he valued so highly didn’t survive the years in prison.At last, legislators responded to parents’ demands by passing a so-called law.This is the age at which the law presumes the person can’t provide consent to sexual activity.For that reason, a defendant charged with having consensual activity with a party less than the age of 14 years needs especially strong and experienced legal representation. Romeo and Juliet laws are on the books in other states to allay the prosecution of persons who engage in consensual sex activities when both parties are very close in age and one of the partners is younger than the state age of consent.Contact Houston criminal defense attorney Brett Podolsky today » If you have questions about the age of consent in Texas, you’re not alone. Quite interestingly, though, the phrase doesn’t appear in Texas’s statutes.The state of Texas forbids any individual from having sex with a person younger than age 14.


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