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Advice dating woman going through divorce

We tried to be very discreet as she was newly separated and her children were adjusting and she did not know just how appropriate it would seem to others to have such a serious relationship so soon after separating.

We designed a home together to accommodate all of our children and potential grandchildren down the line and I set about beginning to build the home.

We went to the beach one weekend, and had an absolute blast. She asked to meet me at Starbucks the next morning 45 minutes before her work. A defined time at a public location after very little interaction for two days, the break-up talk.

Two weeks later, she became very distant, not returning calls, delayed returns of texts. She said that she could not be in a relationship with me or anyone else. One girl I met was ten years younger, great body, very smart, and was totally into me.

You mention that she was worried there wouldn’t be physical chemistry with you.

You should see this opportunistic and unstable woman for who she really is and idealizing your “friend”. For all we know she was seeing the guy she was having an affair with the entire time she was with you.

I don’t know how you were ever able to trust this woman to begin with.

It was shortly after that bomb, that it dawned on me that Mrs. The guy she was having an affair with, dumped her, and went back to his wife.

I helped her through the “breakup,” her separation, helping her negotiate a property settlement, and even paying for her attorney. I always said I did not want to have a fling with her and ruin our incredible friendship, and that if we dated, I did not want to be her first, but rather her last first date.


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