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Copying the date-specific link location will help your visitors find the exact spot on our always changing LISTEN page. If you'd like to link to a particular show, just right-click on the actual show date to bookmark or copy a link to a segment on that particular show.Finally, these results clearly show that contrary to some popular misconceptions and stereotypes about Asian Americans being the "model minority," there can be very large and significant socioeconomic differences among Asian American ethnic groups.Several Asian groups are doing very well and in fact, consistently outperform Whites on many measures of socioeconomic achievement.

Whites are the most likely to be a Homeowner, while Cambodians, Hmong, and Laotians are the least likely.If you want the chance to earn money as well as get professional legal help 24/7 as well as protection please go to the link below.I personally have met dozens of people using this system to get money no longer need a job.I would also like to put in that I have checked the number of pairings and the combination of naruto and sasuke is more than twice the naruto hinata combination look it up for yourself.I don't know if it is them together or not which is disgusting but those fics are overshodowing naruto hinata fics twice over.In examining the Asian American population and comparing it to other racial/ethnic groups such as Whites, Blacks, Hispanics/Latinos, and Native Americans, it is just as important (some would say even more important) to consider socioeconomic characteristics, in addition to population distributions.With that in mind, below are statistics and demographics from the 2000 Census on how the eight largest Asian American ethnic groups compare with each other and with the other major racial/ethnic groups in the U. To view the full-size table of statistics, click on the graphic below.Second, traditionally disadvantaged groups of color such as Blacks, Native Americans, and Hispanic/Latinos still seem to lag behind in several socioeconomic measures.These groups of color are joined by Cambodians, Hmong, and Laotians (and to a lesser extent, Vietnamese), all of whose relatively low achievement rates are undoubtedly due to their refugee status.Once the table appears, you can click on a column heading to sort up or down. In general, the results tend to show that once again, contrary to the perception that all Asian Americans are the same, there are significant differences among different Asian groups.You can also read the detailed description of the methodology and terminology used to create the statistics. For example, regarding being Not Proficient in English, the results show that Cambodians, Hmong, and Laotians have the highest rate of lack of English fluency while Whites have the lowest.


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