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They critiqued what they felt was an unacceptable portrayal of gender: The three authors [of the research] condemned the [school]…on the grounds that it strengthened gender stereotypes…One teacher who received particularly severe criticism was a man who dared to speak to his students – all boys – about what it means to be a productive man.The teacher had said: “We talked about strength, and we talked about self-control and being able to control your emotions and making sacrifices for others.

I thought about that recently when one of my students, after bemoaning her boyfriend’s refusal to commit to a wedding date (despite their three-year relationship), sighed resignedly and said, “Well, I guess, it’s to be expected.If we had to find one word to describe the difference between men and women in Jewish law it would be obligation.Men have to pray three times a day, and go out to minyan no matter what the weather. They are supposed to learn Torah every spare minute.To my mind, the biggest tragedy had already happened: here was a man who at 38 didn’t realize that the most important thing in life is not to be understood – it’s to be man enough to understand someone else!Love requires vulnerability, but it is dangerous to make yourself vulnerable to someone who is focused not on you but on fulfilling his own needs.Leonard Sax, in his book Boys Adrift, describes an interesting scenario.Three researchers were sent by the Ford Foundation to observe a classroom in an all-boys school with a male teacher.They were disappointed that boys “…were being told to be strong men and take care of their wives….Traditional gender role stereotypes were reinforced and gender was portrayed in an essentialist manner” (Boys Adrift, 203–204).Taking care of a family – taking responsibility, being committed to the people in his care, putting their needs first – is what makes a man into a man.While it may not be good for women when men wait until they are 35 to settle down, for men it is disastrous: they may never meet the hero they could have been.


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