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Although he left a good amount of money for both of us to live comfortably for the remaining part of our lives but I wanted to do something on my own but my mother insisted me to finish my studies first and then do something else.Therefore I continued with my studies while helping my mother to settle in life after the death of my father. But she was a woman too who had desires & senses as she was barely 37 when my father died.Now my mother's body was fully covered up but she could not make an eye contact with me.Now I became horny for my mother and dreamt of her making sex with me.

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Slowly I walked towards her back and grabbed her and put my arms around her and she told me to wait for a while in the drawing room and watch TV till then she can be fresh.I was only in my underwear and pissed off and then I caught my cock in my hand started rubbing it slightly back and forth while remembering about the scene and my mother's body.I masturbated and then I cleaned my cock with water and again went in the bedroom.She thought that I have slept but I looked the whole scene and I could not believe my eyes. I could see the part of her hip line as her petticoat was down slightly and open.Now she started moaning slowly and I could figure out what she was doing. Now I could have imagined that she is just another woman who also needs to satisfy her desires and senses. Now I decided to do something for my lovely and loving mom. And suddenly she saw me getting up and we had an eye to eye contact. I could see small drops of sweat flowing in on her face she tried to cover her bottom but of no use the more she tried to cover up more I saw her body. I just went out in the toilet and felt myself horny too.I found her hot, as she could not complete her masturbation in the afternoon.I left her then her and told her, "Mom cook fast I am hungry." She gasped and smiled simultaneously while she raised her finger and told, "Two minutes." In the meanwhile I kept the beers in the fridge and went for a bath.While in the bathroom I masturbated once on Mom's name.Then I came out of bathroom and I was only in my underwear.Now I am 26 and living in Delhi with my mom Shanti and our daughter Aakansha.As my father died in 1992 when I was only 18 in Lucknow and being the only son I had the responsibility to brought up my mother.


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