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The park continued to expand into the next decade despite the onset of the Great Depression.

Streifthau ended the decade by purchasing "The Cyclone," a 1927 John Miller wooden roller coaster, and adding it to his park in 1939.

A place that once provided so many memories and served as a symbol of the fading era of the "classic" American amusement park, sat quiet and abandoned.

Fans of the park looked towards 2003 season with uncertainty. Finally in 2006 news came from the standing, but not operating, amusement park; "Most of the rides will be sold and the park will never operate as a traditional amusement park again." These words came as a sad shock to both amusement park enthusiasts and locals alike.

The park received new owners in 1991, Leisure International, who worked to upgrade the park and increase attendance throughout their ownership until they sold the park to Park River Corporation, owners of Cincinnati's Coney Island, in 1996.

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In 1984, the park expanded with the opening of "Raging Thunder," a log flume, in the newly renovated "Logger's Run" section of the park.

The investment was the largest in the park's history and boosted attendance to more than 500,000 guests that year.


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