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cover, I think, most aspects of a farmgirl’s life: Each Other, Farm Kitchen, Garden Gate, Stitching Room, Make It Easy, Outpost, and Cleaning Up.Our Merit Badge structure grew from those seven sections.Mary Jane’s mother, a woman of many aprons, taught her that an apron is the universal symbol for a grown-up girl’s 4-H program (“home,” “hearth,” “handiwork,” and “hogs”).So, a woman who means business (and has work to do) is never without one!But if you’re not inclined to earn Merit Badges, there are plenty of other benefits to joining up.Whether it’s cooking, stitching, gardening, make-it-yourself projects, going green, cleaning up, or just getting together, you’ll gather with other farmgirls for lots of fun!Henrietta wants to make sure that when Farmgirl Sisters are out-and-about in the world and they see someone with a “Henrietta” logo on her jacket or bag, that she’s the real Mc Coy. Once you’re registered, you can then purchase your annual Sisterhood membership for .In order to join the Farmgirl Sisterhood, you must first register as a farmgirl on our Farmgirl Connection chatroom. Members will be notified by e-mail or postcard when their year’s membership is about to expire.

Since Mary Jane has been “aproned” her entire life, it’s only fitting that our Henrietta hen put on an apron.To find out how to apply for your badges, read more about them here.Once you’ve earned a badge, all the glorious details will be posted on The Farmgirl Connection. Along with all the other privileges and specials just for Sisters, you’ll be able to request these adorable tea party postcard invitations and name tags.We may not live in the country, but friendship, fun, community, and creativity bloom wherever we happen to be “planted.” In other words, farmgirls can do anything they set their minds to, sorta’ like the Little Red Hen in the famous children’s story.We enjoy the fun of getting together to create, to help others in our communities, or to share ideas.We call our hen “Henrietta.” She symbolizes the “can do” attitude of being a farmgirl. Farmgirls are multi-talented, resourceful, creative, strong, down-to-earth, and generous by nature.We enjoy creating things, whether it is in the kitchen, our studios, or the wood shop.The Farmgirl Sisterhood’s official logo is a “badge” in the shape of a hexagon, showing a hen wearing an apron—“Henrietta.” Now, mind you, Henrietta takes her noble position seriously, so she’s decided she wants some rules about how she will be seen in the world.She wants to make sure her sacred position representing the nobility of the true-blue, dyed-in-the-wool, birds-of-a-feather Farmgirl Sisterhood member won’t be muddied through misuse by those who have a lesser “understanding” or command of honorable farmgirl traits.(If their membership lapses, they’ll lose “their” unique number! And now for the (unfortunately) necessary legalese: Mary Jane’s Farmgirl Sisterhood and Farmgirl Sisterhood logo depicting our “Henrietta” hen in an apron are trademarks that are owned and copyrighted by Mary Janes Farm.Unauthorized usage of the logo by any person or group will be subject to the full extent of prosecution under the law.


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  2. What’s the Farmgirl Sisterhood? If you’re a member of our online chatroom, The Farmgirl Connection, you’re already chatting with thousands of farmgirls around the world about everything from book reviews to crochet projects to financing a farm to just plain chitchat.

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