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Many teens change their profile constantly, using a variety of other Web sites that will create the HTML code needed to produce a custom layout, which users can design by choosing elements (colors, fonts, patterns) through a graphic interface.

He sits on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia and is a former chair of the Judicial Division National Conference of State Trial Judges.

Even some adults find themselves listening to voices and following paths not truly their own.The activist suspected the two women were being lured into a human-trafficking operation but was unable to convince them not to travel to New York.The activist then posted an online plea to an anti–human trafficking discussion group that led off with “Help me help my friend in D.A recent study by the nonprofit organization Common Sense Media showed that parents they polled considered the Internet a bigger threat to their children's safety than television.(1) After all, we've all seen the horror stories on the news about innocent teens lured from their homes by sexual predators using My Space and similar social networking sites.For the less fortunate, lapses in judgment can lead to permanent reminders like scars, bad credit, and tattoos.For teens trying to find their own path, social networking sites like My Space are closer in nature to an easily airbrushed photo than they are to a tattoo that requires painful laser surgery to remove.User Profiles The core of a My Space account is the user profile, which consists of a basic template containing personal data and pictures.Users are also allowed to personalize or "pimp" their pages by adding background images, artwork, songs, videos, and various style elements unique to the layout.How many of us have looked back at old photos and wondered what we were thinking to have worn such an outfit, sported such an outlandish hairdo, or hung with a certain crowd?When we're lucky, embarrassing photos or memories are the only things left to chronicle our experiments and mistakes.


  1. Read the latest news on MySpace, including information on possible. as a child molester who performs sex acts in his office and enjoys watching gay porn.

  2. May 27, 2007. Meet Alice, 13, one of MySpace's newest members. naked, asked about her sex life - and one even committed a lewd act on his webcam. or they choose to chat with them "privately" - either using instant messaging think.

  3. Jan 5, 2009. MySpace, the most popular SNS, boasts more than 200 million. For example, sexual references on SNSs may create the illusion that sex is glamorous or. designed to promote identity experimentation, such as chat rooms.

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