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Get your hands on Dream Hacks Star Craft II Booths It’s time for Dream Hacks Star Craft II Player Booths to retire and now YOU have the chance to get them!

Dream Hack will sell our Player Booths at e and all money from the sales will go to a open standalone BYOC-tournament at Dream Hack Summer 2012.

[...] Listen to Metal – Avatar live on Dream Hack Avatar is soon to play live at Dream Hack Winter 2012. This means the grand finale is guaranteed to feature a Protoss, and we’re sure everyone is eager to know if Her O will [...] Win a Turtle Beach Sierra gaming headset In the Turtle Beach booth in the Dream Expo area you have the chance to win a gaming headset worth 3200 SEK. FOLLOW Web: @turtlebeach Facebook: /turtlebeach Youtube: /turtlebeachvideos Text: Johan “jawwen” Arwidmark Dream Hack Logitech CS: GO championship finale The semi-finals have been played and it’s now decided that we will see Ni P-gaming clash with Very Games in a fierce battle where the winner walks away with 150 000 SEK.

You can expect a spectular show to the sound of poundering, melodic metal. Read more on: Avatar live on Dream Hack Text: Johan “jawwen” Arwidmark Tae Ja advances to the Star Craft II finals Beating Nerchio with 3 – 0, Tae Ja is now one of the finalists. Three maps will be played in a series of best of three and expert casting is provided by Corey Dunn [...] The ROCCAT Death Zone Day Z tournament – The Winners Early this morning the final of the Day Z tournament was played and after 1,5 hour of playing we had two winners: Quizen and Zirda.

The winners, Emir Marusic and Kenan Ölmezoglu, put on a nice show with mix of rap and traditional vocal music.

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and during Dream Hack Winter 2012 we took thousands of pictures…

Achievements: Battlefield 3 1h (Achievement) Battlefield 3 5h (Achievement) Battlefield [...] Her O keeps his throne!

This Star Craft II final displayed an inhouse battle between Liquid Her O and Liquid Tae Ja.

Join us for some epic action as the victor gets crowned and the rest get powned. The first semifinal between Semifinal between EYEBALLERS and ended 0 – 2 in favor of

Free goodies for everyone included AMD Sapphire Battlefield 3 Tournament in Dream Expo Today you can watch the second semifinal, starting in the AMD/Sapphire booth at Dream Expo. The Grand Final is today at (also in [...] Star Craft II EIZO Open Dream Hack 2012 – Streams live now! RC – LEAGUE OF LEGENDS CHAMPIONS Tonight the finale of League of Legends tournament was played and Dream Arena was brimming with an enthusiastic crowd! RC and battled it out in a best of three where won the first game.


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