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They owe us to put a food ambassador in every major supermarket. They need to show us how to cook quick, tasty, seasonal meals for people that are busy. It is done in some, and it needs to be done across the board in America soon, and quick. So, these guys are going to be part of the solution.

Portion size is obviously a massive, massive problem.

And I need you to know that this is going to kill your children early. If you're an accountant, and a box-ticker, the only thing you can do in these circumstances is buy cheaper shit. Ten percent of what we spend on health care, as I said earlier, is on obesity, and it's going to double. There's no statutory right to teach kids about food, elementary or secondary school, OK? And this is a little clip from an elementary school, which is very common in England. Your kids will be having milk at school, breakfast and lunch, right?

How can you say something is low-fat when it's full of so much sugar? The biggest problem with the home is that used to be the heart of passing on food culture, what made our society. And you know, as we go to work and as life changes, and as life always evolves, we kind of have to look at it holistically — step back for a moment, and re-address the balance. I want to show you a situation that is very normal right now; the Edwards family. This stuff goes through you and your family's body every week. The lunch ladies, the lunch cooks of America — I offer myself as their ambassador. There's a problem: If you're not a food expert, and you've got tight budgets and it's getting tighter, then you can't be creative, you can't duck and dive and write different things around things. And yes, by the way, it is fast food: It's sloppy Joes, it's burgers, it's wieners, it's pizzas, it's all of that stuff.

Let's get on schools, something that I'm fairly much a specialist in. School food is something that most kids — 31 million a day, actually — have twice a day, more than often, breakfast and lunch, 180 days of the year. Marissa, her father died in her hand, I think she'd be quite happy if corporate America could start feeding their staff properly. The problem is they all want to roll out what they're doing to the next school, but there's no cash. And look, I know it's weird having an English person standing here before you talking about all this.

But we haven't really evolved it to deal with the health catastrophes of America, OK? Even the milk hasn't escaped the kind of modern-day problems. The staff are the moms and dads of America's children. Now, look, if we do all this stuff, and we can, it's so achievable. Romantic, yes, but most importantly, it's about trying to get people to realize that every one of your individual efforts makes a difference. Around America, if we just look back now, there is plenty of wonderful things going on. There are angels around America doing great things in schools — farm-to-school set-ups, garden set-ups, education — there are amazing people doing this already. And I believe truly, actually, that if change can be made in this country, beautiful things will happen around the world.


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